Leather Simple Keychain

0.45 LBS

Product Overview

Great way to keep track of your keys while running errands, at the gym, or at work. We used nickel hardware and the leather will patina over time and use.                                                                               

Unlike our hair, cows are waterproof, right? That's because the top part of their hide has tightly woven fibers. Our leather is produced keeping all of the natural grain intact (the reason it is called full-grain leather). No scars are shaven or sanded off because that process leaves only a small portion of the grain intact (which is known as top-grain leather). Because full-grain leather is the strongest cow leather on the planet (and the most beautiful in our opinion) that is why we choose to use it. The Leather Simple Keychain has an unlined interior, is finished with antique brass hardware.

The Leather Simple Keychain is a great keyholder. It's simple but very useful.  

Product Details
41-Year Warranty
Free Shipping

Length:5.3" including hardware
Weight: 0.011 lbs

I'm pretty sure this is something I inherited (my sister is the same way), but I always struggle to find my keys. No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to keep track of them. So, this Love 41 Simple Leather Keychain was designed from a personally practical standpoint as much as an aesthetic one. Everyone needs a great keychain and I think you’ll really like the Love 41 Simple Leather Keychain. I love that I can hang this on my keychain hook at home and I also love the size – big enough to find in the bottom of my purse, but not too big to fit in my pocket! 

As always, the purchase of this accessory helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.