Bucket Leather Tote

2.00 LBS
15.50 (in)
15.75 (in)
7.00 (in)

Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
We only used full grain leather to build this leather tote bag because it is the longest lasting most durable leather there is. Leather is like a roof. The top layer of leather has all of the tough tight leather fibers just like a roof has the shingles. A lot of low quality companies make their leather totes with very inexpensive leather that doesn't have any grain on it. The tanneries split the hides the top from the bottom and sold two hides. The strong and resistant grain on top of the hide is sold to quality companies to make leather totes like this one. Antique brass hardware.

This leather tote bag was Suzette's first bag and the design has been proven over time because it is extremely functional. It has dual carry options (either shoulder straps or a comfortable handle) and lots of pockets for organization. Will fit some laptops including accessories. 

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
Exterior: 15.75" x 15.50"-9.25" x 7"
Interior: 9.25" x 14.75" x 6.50"
Large Exterior Procket: 9.25" x 10.25" x 15.75" (H x L x D)
Cell Phone Pocket: 3" x 4.50" (W x L)
Pocket with nipple closure: 8" x 5.50" (W x L)
Strap (adjustable): 1.25" x 31"-41.50" (W x L)
Weight: 2 lbs

The story behind this leather bag
This was the first leather tote bag I ever designed for Love 41 and I'm still proud of it!  The bag was inspired when I was on a shopping trip in Mexico.  As I was looking through a lot of really bad handbags, I found one that sparked my interest and inspired me.  I took it home and began to remake it from my perspective. The more I adjusted and lengthened and fixed it, the more it began to remind me of a bucket because of this leather tote's shape.

I love that this has adjustable straps.  It's the only leather tote bag of its size that has that feature. The pockets are essential and keep life a little more organized inside this large of a bag. I love the handles too (borrowed from the Saddleback women's tote I designed) because it's essential to quickly grab a bag & go without having to struggle with long straps.  The handles are padded and very comfortable to hold, even when the tote bag is carrying a lot of weight. 

How do I wear this leather tote?  This is my daily casual bag when I'm going from the office, around town on errands and have a lot to carry.  I usually put my laptop, ipad, cosmetic bag, lana wallet, cell phone, keys and sunglasses, but not usually all at once.  I like to use this bag when I have a good amount to carry as it's very comfortable to wear for long distances or an extended amount of time. As always, the purchase of this leather tote bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.