Leather Waist Apron-Limited Edition

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Product Overview

Manufactured to the highest quality standards

The Love 41 Leather Waist Apron is made from a single piece of full-grain (i.e. super tough!) leather. This apron is both beautiful and durable because it has been crafted to the highest quality standards in Old Mexico.


Unlike our hair, cows are waterproof, right? That’s because the top part of their hide has tightly woven fibers. Our leather is produced keeping all of the natural grain intact (the reason it is called full-grain leather). No scars are shaven or sanded off because that process leaves only a small portion of the grain intact (which is known as top-grain leather). Because full-grain leather is the strongest cow leather on the planet (and the most beautiful in our opinion) that is why we choose to use it. 


This leather apron can be used for so many projects. In the kitchen, gardening, crafting, for an artist or make up artist. The uses are limitless.

Product Details

41 year warranty


Body: 21.5”W x 13 ¾” H

2 Leather pockets: 6 ⅜” W

Key clip 2” L

Leather loops for hanging items from: 4 ¾”

Leather tie back straps for making this adjust to whatever size you need-28 ¼” 

Weight: 1 pound

Changing Lives Together with Leather 

Did you know that with every purchase, you are making a difference around the world by loving others in need through education, food, shelter & job training? Love 41 gives 100% of its profit away!

The story behind this leather

If you’re someone that likes to stand out from the crowd or if you want to give that exclusive gift that no one else has, this Love 41 Leather Apron has you covered (literally and figuratively!). Whether it’s used for cooking or working on a creative project, this apron works perfectly, and it works equally well for guys or gals.

So, what makes this baby so unique you ask?  Well first, Love 41 has never produced a leather apron before. While Dave has a Saddleback Apron, I prefer ones that are a little lighter and can be worn on the waist. Another thing that makes this apron unique is that we are producing them in some new leathers and colors that we’ve never used before. This is a one-off production and once they’re gone, we’ll only be producing in our normal four colors; how’s that for special!

I’m super excited about this apron and I’ve been using mine quite a bit already for cooking and other things. So, if you want to be one of the select few that gets to own this beautiful Love 41 Leather Apron, order yours right away before these colors are gone!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review