Leather Workshop Apron

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Wood and Leather Work Well Together
The first thing most people say when they try it on is, “Oh man, this is so comfortable”. It’s because of the adjustable shoulder straps, it’ll hang all day over your shoulders and you may even forget it’s there. For anyone who works in a shop, this workshop apron is for them.

I had woodworkers in mind for this one and therefore the 316 Stainless Steel hammer ring on one side and the tape measure hanger on the other. It has two deep pockets for squares and longer tools or for just warming up your hands. The two pockets on top of the deep pockets are for quick go to tools and the top center pocket is for cell phones and pencils. You’re going to love this one.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
From Neckline: 11.50" x 30.75" x 0.12"
From Chest: 24.50" x 30.75" x 0.12"
From Hem/Base: 25" x 30.75" x 0.12"
Weight: 3 lbs


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Finally, an apron I will wear.

    I am a woodworker who gave up on aprons years ago. Truth be told, until now, I only wore denim aprons to protect my clothes, but I found them more of a hassle than they were worth. Not to mention the pain in the neck the strap caused! I have to say that the new Saddleback Workshop Apron is nice!

    The adjustable crisscross-style back straps are comfortable; the straps alleviate that annoying neck pain and the awkward behind-the-back tying of the waist strap. The tumbled leather is soft and flexible; it does weigh more than my old denim apron, but that’s unnoticeable with the back straps. For me, its weighing slightly more is worth the extra protection that leather provides versus cotton denim or possibly even canvas. The pockets are large and can hold a variety of tools and sawdust. The right side has a metal loop for hammers or tools with clips. The left side has a leather strap that can hold tape measures, hammers or even cordless tools that have a clip. My sons have “borrowed” it a few times to cut and grind metal--great protection from all those sparks!

    Finally, I wear the apron in the shop with no air conditioning and outside in the Texas heat and found no discomfort. I would recommend this workshop apron for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, durable, high-quality apron with versatility and style. While the leather will stretch over time, at least it won’t tear like denim or canvas, Buy nice or buy twice.