Long Leather Passport Wallet

0.30 LBS
4.00 (in)
7.75 (in)
0.75 (in)

Product Overview

When I was young, my dad tanned my hide quite a few times with his leather belt and what the belt was hitting was the grain on my arse. This leather wallet wtih leather that still has all of the grain on it. Some companies remove the top layer of the hide which has all of the toughest, strongest and most resistant part of the leather (grain) so they don't have to cut around all of those pesky natural scars and blemishes and throw it into the trash. They save a ton of money on leather, but it's like they're shaving the shingles off of your roof. We cut around the major scars and blemishes and throw the expensive scraps of leather away. Someone's got to make leather wallets for people who require quality, right? There are a good number of companies who do and we're one of them.

Lining- And then we line the full-grain leather wallet with pigskin, which is tougher than the cowhide. Pigskin is amazing and it's how we can offer our 100 Year Warranty.

Thread- And then we sew it with an oddly strong and resistant thick marine grade polyester thread. It's what parachutes and ship sails are sewn with when someone's life is at stake. Nylon thread is much cheaper, but it falls apart easily in just a few years.


RFID- Between the cow and pig skin, we sew in a thin layer of RFID (Radio Frequency ID) blocking materials to stop lowlife scumbags from scanning your leather wallet in a crowd and stealing the Identification details from your credit cards. Google it.

Balanced- This leather passport wallet was designed purposefully simple and balanced on both ends, to wear nicely and evenly. Maybe a little old fashioned. When it's stacked with cash and then cards in the four symmetrical card slots there won't be layers and layers of leather between the cards, adding thickness to the wallet, it will stay flat.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
4" x 7.75" x 0.75"
Weight: 0.30 lbs