1. Q. How do I return something I purchased?
      A. Sorry to hear you need to return your leather, but we'll be happy to help! We offer a fantastic 30 day return period as long as the item is in new condition. To get things started, simply log into your account and you’ll see “Purchases”, click on that and then click on “Purchase History”. Your orders will load, so just click on the “Purchase No.” that you want to return. Everything you ordered under that Purchase Number will show up.

      Under the total summary on the right hand side, click on “Request a Return”. Select the item(s) from the order that you’d like to return and then select the reason for return. We refund to the original payment method, but if you prefer store credit, leave us a comment at the bottom of the “Return Products” page.
    1. Q. I received leather as a gift but it's not for me. How do I return?
      A. WHAT?! We can take care of you and even keep it between us so you can save face with the kind soul who gave it to you! Please contact us here to initiate that return. We offer the same fantastic 30 day return period as long as the items(s) are in new condition. We'll refund your gift return via a cool Saddleback Gift Certificate.
    1. Q. I bought a bundled gift set but I don't want one of the items in the set, can I return the one item?
      A. Unfortunately no. If you buy a bundled gift set and wish to return it, you will need to return the entire bundled set. If there is a warranty issue with one of the items in the bundle, you can return the item for a warranty repair. 
    1. Q. How long until I get my money back?
      A. Once we receive your item(s) please allow our receiving team a day or two for processing. You should see that refund hit your account within 6-10 business days of receipt.
    1. Q. Do you cover return shipping?
      A. We're still a growing company, and we do not offer return shipping labels at this time. You can send it back the cheapest way possible just so it has tracking and insurance.
    1. Q. Can I return my gift certificate for a refund?
      A. All gift certificates are non-refundable.
    1. Q: If I get a promotional gift during a promotion, can I keep it if I return the purchased item?
      A: If you return the purchased item then you are required to return the promotional gift items as well or will be refunded for the purchase item less the full retail amount of the promotional gift item.
    1. Q: Is there an extended return period for Christmas gift purchases?
      A: Yes, leather that was purchased for Christmas gifts from November 15 - December 31st may be returned until January 31.


    1. Q. Oh no! Please fix this!
      A. Eek! We're sorry to hear something is wrong. Please contact us here and we'll be happy to help. If at all possible, please include photos of the area you're concerned about, and keep them under 5MB. That'll help us determine the best course of action for repair. And while we're at it please send over your current shipping address.
    1. Q. Is this covered under my 100 year Warranty?
      A. We'd love to see what's going on! Give us a shout here and we'll get back with you just as soon as possible. While you're at it, please include photos of the area you're concerned about. Try and keep them under 5MB please or they'll hide out on us. That'll help us determine the best course of action for repair. And while we're at it please send over your current shipping address. Please note: The wallet cases that come with a purchased wallet can be used again by you for many purposes, however, their first function is to serve as a packaging for wallets, making them exempt from the 100 year warranty. Wallet packaging color is selected at random and may or may not match the wallet color. 
    1. Q. Will the warranty transfer if I sell my bag/buy it used?
      A. Yep! We cover your leather even if you found it dumpster diving.

      If you're still not sure what to do check out the following:

      Buying online is tough, you can't hold it or touch it or try it on. So, if you get it and it's too big or small or heavy or uncomfortable, then contact us within 30 days and as long as it's in like-new condition, then no big deal. The return shipping will be on your dime. It's just part of the business of doing business online. If you answer NO to any of the following:

      • Did you get what we said you would get? The color was what you thought it would look like. The look was fine. The weight was acceptable. The functionality was there. If NO to this question, then, right away contact us and we'll get you all set for in-store credit for an exchange, or refund you for the product as long as it's in like-new condition.
      • Did an accident happen to it? A paint spill, a sticky conditioner was applied, a toddler drew all over it with a pen, a skunk sprayed it, a motorcycle dragged it for miles etc. If YES, then start working on your story, because people will be asking you
      • Did you irreversibly modify it? Burn your name into it, cut off part of it, remove something from it or modify it in some way or in any other way make it so that we can't sell it again for full price? If YES, then eBay may be a good option for you.
      • Are you just plain bored of it? You're tired of waiting for it to break in or you want to try something new. If YES, then try trading it for something to someone who will enjoy it. It'll be fun.

      Does it seem right to let someone exchange a belt because they gained too much weight and now it won't fit and they want to send back a belt that we can't sell so they can have a different size? What about if someone gets a bigger laptop and it won't fit into their good old bag and now they want to return the old bag so they can get a new one?

      A relative of mine, who my sister said that I couldn't mention by name, once told me that he was going to “borrow” an air mattress from Walmart for his guests. I'm not sure if he understood that by doing that, he took at least $50 - $100 out of the bank account of the store and manufacturer because of the cost of receiving, repackaging, shipping back to the manufacturer, storage and then selling it used at a big discount. There's just something that doesn't seem right about that. Legally, I believe it's called fraud. What's the right thing to do?

      If you have a question about your leather, let us know here.