Saddleback Hacks for Moms


By Valerie from Customer Service

My Mother is an incredible woman. Simply put, if a fraction of the things she’s taught me sticks, I’ll be one lucky lady.  One thing she’s alway had a knack for is finding new uses for things. Whether it’s potting the tomatoes in a broken chair, or salvaging leftovers by creating a casserole the next night, her everyday creativity astounds me.

In her honor I’d like to share a few different uses for some old favorites that may be just the ticket to delight the mothers in your life.

Instead of pinching pennies in the Coin Purse, give this beautiful piece to your Mother to tuck her jewelry in to travel.  Its tight seal keeps tiny studs from falling out, rings from going awry, and bracelets in place.  A great way to keep bobby pins from being lost in the abyss of her mom-bag too.

Help her organize her make-up kit with a Sunglass Case to tuck her brushes into.  Get  contrasting colors and she can organize by application.


Saddleback Leather Coin Purse in Carbon Black
Saddleback Leather Sunglass Case in Tobacco


Cord Wraps doubles nicely as hair-tie keeper.  Just loop them around the leather, pop it shut and go!  

If your Mom is less into toiletries and more into the trail, something like the Waxed Canvas Bird and Shell Belt Set could be more her speed.  Pop some dog  treats or baggies in the bird bag for her fearless furry friend.  Then she can stow her other must-haves securely in the Shell bag. Granola, water, and a phone are no match for this option.  That way she can stay connected in a pinch without a hot bag on her back on the trail.  


Saddleback Leather Waxed Canvas Bird and Shell Belt Set


Mix and match these and pop them inside the Bucket Backpack for one heck of a Mother’s day surprise.  I know a few Mom’s that think we should rename it the Mary Poppin’s bag.  That nanny should be so lucky to carry leather! :D

No matter what you end up with for your Mom this Mother’s day, give it with love.  Let her know you appreciate all she does, and in your book she’s “Practically perfect in every way”!