Saddleback Leather Films

Our Unprofessional and Not Funny Films and Videos

Saddleback Leather films and videos have been in Sundance Film Festival twice, Discovery Channel, Amazon Prime and on National and Local TV many many times because we love what we do and what we make. Watch a few and it’ll be pretty obvious what we value.

Listed here are 180 of our favorite Product Demo Videos on the Somali border with the family, 70+ Episodes of our Not Dead Yet Show, Leather Education Videos, Customer Videos and even one of our Texas Tent Home we’ve lived in for over 5 years. Hope you enjoy.




Our OMM Factory Philosophy

The Not Dead Yet Show Ep 51 Crab Hunting near Somalia

Crying with our daughter in Rwanda


Daves Leather Coffin Work/Death Balance


How to Knock Off a Bag


Our Customer Service Manager and Her Matching Handguns


Dave Translates for a Maasai Warrior Backpack


Munson’s Safari Tent Home


A Suitcase Full of Toothbrushes


A Sundance short film of my niece and her dog

The Maasai Spear Throwing Into Backpack,

Our Tournament of Roses Briefcase,

Sword Swallowing Customer

and More...