17 Tips for Road Trip Travel

Posted by Dave on 2nd Jun 2021

17 Tips For Making Road Trips and Traveling More EnjoyableWritten August 19, 2009 Updated 2020On roadtrips, I've rolled my car, crashed other peoples', killed lots of things, slept in my car, truck be … read more

Unpleasures - The List of My Simple Ones

Posted by Dave Muson on 14th Feb 2021

Things That Bring Discomfort to Us AllI'm usually one of those "my cup is more than half full" kind of guys, but not all things taste as good as my salsa. Not everything smells like bacon. An … read more

Pleasures - The List of My Simple Ones

Posted by Dave Munson on 31st Oct 2020

Life is full of simple pleasures that are blessings in your life. Look for them. They’re everywhere. A friend and old roommate of mine, Tim Richards, walked in the front door one day and aske … read more