Simple Leather Apron

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Where Cows Come Back Together
I walked in to meet with the tannery owner and saw an old worn simple leather apron draped over a chair almost exactly like this one. They told me it was the standard apron of all leather workers in the industry. That’s how this one was born.

So, after the meat is separated from the hide, they send it to the tannery to tan. If you’re thinking of using this for what I think you’re thinking of using it for, then you’re going to be kind of bringing it full circle, reuniting the skin with the meat again. But with lots of smoke and coarse salt and fire involved this time. And since it’s leather, its heat resistance will be your friend. It is a simple leather apron for work, barbecuing, cooking or for the art of your choice. You choose.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
From Neckline: 10.12" x 30.75" x 0.12"
From Chest: 19.25" x 30.75" x 0.12"
From Hem/Base: 22.12" x 30.75" x 0.12"
Weight: 1.90 lbs


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Yes to Simple!

    From grilling to grinding, this Simple Apron is amazing! The best products just work. This is one of those products! I picked up both the Simple Apron and the Workshop Apron (which is great for all day in the workshop). For the smaller jobs like cooking dinner, sharping a blade, or gardening, the simple apron cannot be beat. I find myself grabbing it more and more. It easy to throw on--and forget you are wearing it. The tumbled leather is soft and flexible; it provides ample protection from whatever the task involves--whether sparks or flames from cooking or working with wood or metal, etc. The three pockets are just right for storing tools. As for cooking, I found that a few stains cleaned up with a little soap and water, while others will just add to the patina. If this is a concern, buy two–one for everyday use and one to host your dinner parties!

    Seriously, the simple apron is great choice for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, durable, high-quality apron with versatility and style. These make great gifts for house warmings, birthdays and Father’s Day.