Suzette's Steals Simple Leather Tote-Black

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Product Overview

What is Suzette Steals?                                                              Suzette’s Steals are current or previous designs with markings or scratches or crooked stitching or slight imperfections. They do not affect the warranty or quality of the bag or design.  Due to these markings or slight imperfections, we discount these items at a gracious 20% off retail. It’s a great deal and often our buyers don’t even see why we marked them down. 

The Love 41 Simple Leather Tote is made from full-grain (i.e. super tough!) leather. This bag is simple and uncomplicated, yet durable because it has been crafted to the highest quality standards in Old Mexico.

Unlike our hair, cows are waterproof, right? That's because the top part of their hide has tightly woven fibers. Our leather is produced keeping all of the natural grain intact (the reason it is called full-grain leather). No scars are shaven or sanded off because that process leaves only a small portion of the grain intact (which is known as top-grain leather). Because full-grain leather is the strongest cow leather on the planet (and the most beautiful in our opinion) that is why we choose to use it. The interior of the bag is unlined to keep the bag light. The bag is finished with antique brass hardware.

I designed this bag to be simple and no fuss, yet totally versatile. It's the perfect everyday carry bag and allows you to toss your daily necessities inside and go. The tote is also lightweight and somewhat unstructured or floppy. 

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
19" x 13" x 3.50"
Strap: 32" (End to End)
Weight: 1.60 lbs

Changing Lives Together with Leather 
Did you know that with every purchase, you are making a difference around the world by loving others in need through education, food, shelter & job training?Love 41 gives 100% of it's profit away!

The story behind this leather bag
I designed this bag because I wanted something that was simplistic and no fuss, yet versatile.  This bag is just that.  This is a great everyday bag for the person who wants to be able to throw anything in their bag and go.  It can really carry a lot. I also wanted something that was lightweight and somewhat unstructured or floppy.

How do I wear it? It's such a versatile bag, I carry it for all sorts of purposes including an everyday purse when I'm running here and there from home to office to store (most days). The style is really simple and goes with any outfit, casual or dressed up. I love that it keeps everything together effortlessly and is so easy to get things in and out quickly. I throw my clutch purse in here or the Koroha bag alone with my keys, laptop and sometimes iPad. There's a lot of room in this bag! I also like that I can fold it up and fit it in my luggage to use when traveling.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review