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Testimonial Photos

Tom Thurman, Hindu God
"...without a doubt, the most beautiful purchase I have ever made."
- Mark Bird - Nov 1, ‘08
Caitlin Dunn, Tesselated pavement, Tasmania, Australia
"I figured there was no way this bag could live up to my expectations and to the raves you read about this product. And it has surpassed them!"
- LC Garris - Nov 6, ‘08
Caitlin Dunn, Surgeon's house, Tasmania
"I [am] truly awe struck. The web site photos and description don't do justice to the love and craftsmanship each bag holds."
- Tiffany - July 27, ‘07
Eddie DeJong, Bridal Veil Falls, Manitoulin Island - Canada
"Though I'm a Swede in the country of elk/moose skin I've never seen a more appropriate bag for the way I'm living."
- Anders Jonasson - Sept 2, ‘08
Ben Parks, Robot
"She told me I could sleep with her OR the bag. I will miss cuddling with her but I will adjust in time!"
- Matthew C. Weyuker - April 8, ‘08
Alan Williams Petra (Sela), Jordan
"I have already had people ask me ‘Where did you get your briefcase?' ... Part of the mystique is how original it is."
- Chris Fritz - Dec 20, ‘07
Brian Dewey, Saddleback Lake, Saddleback Mtn. - Maine
"I'll be clutching it in my cold, lifeless hand as they lower me. The kids can have the loot instead."
- John Lochran - Sept 18, ‘08
Tonya Johnson, Bag with Prophet Hunain
"There is no exaggeration in the description of this product!...Your company sets an unreachable standard for customer service and satisfaction."
- Marcus Watson - Dec 19, ‘08
Bryn Botterill, Gifu ken, Japan, 20 minutes from home
"It is beautiful! I just wanted to thank you all again for working with me to get the suitcase...."
- Conrad Metz - June 30, ‘08
Bret Merritt - Punchbowl Falls, Eagle Creek, Oregon
"So far the bag has... indeed exceeded my expectations. I am a very picky person and I don't give praise easily...but the bag that you sell is truly awesome."
- Richard Navarrete - June 26, ‘06
Alan Williams, Vietnam Tank
"I travel a lot and after one day at Melbourne airport I was stopped 4 times to be asked 'where did you get the great bag.."
- John Turner - Dec 1, ‘08

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