The Mom Bag


By Erin from Customer Service

Growing up, my mom had everything in her purse. Kleenex, check. Band-aids, check. Tic-tacs and gum, closely guarded, but always there. And pens of every color, but that could just be her teacher side showing through.



Even after three kids, I haven’t exactly lived up to my mom’s purse standards. I’ve had the big diaper bags with Winnie the Pooh, which my husband flat out refused to be seen carrying. I always had diapers and wipes and snacks that my children never ate. (They preferred to approach strangers with goldfish crackers and Capri Suns and stare at them with saucer eyes until they were offered some. Little mooches.) Plus, I’d always have them double as my purse. It’s really hard to look chic digging through baby clothes and pacifiers for your wallet and keys.

We’ve tried backpacks too, for diaper bag/older kids stuff/ husband-will-actually-carry-it bags. Unfortunately, I’m always mistaken for a high school kid with those on. (Okay, not REALLY, but I do feel more like a babysitter than a Modern Twenty-First Century Woman.)

I’ve tried switching to regular purses once the kids get older. I love organizational bags with compartments for cell phone, keys, make-up, everything you need. Plus a just-in-case diaper for the toddler. Plus wipes for after lunch. Plus my water bottle and husband’s “can you keep this in your purse” knick-knacks.

Yup. This leads to the same inevitable digging around in my overstuffed bag looking for my keys.

Enter my very first purchase as a Saddleback employee: The Love 41 Bucket Bag! I love how deep this puppy goes, into the abyss of found pacifiers and long-lost dolls. I can easily fit my notebook, water bottle, husband’s odds and ends, and nothing is catapulted out of the top.Interior pockets for my grown-up things, like keys and phone, so I’m not digging around like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club. I slip a couple of diapers in the back pocket for easy access, and I’ve got a bag to accommodate the whole family. Perfect choice for that in-between kid stage, when you still need the supplies, but also want to look like an adult who can find her own keys.