The New Doctors Bag and How to Open a Wine bottle without a Corkscrew


It's here! It's here! Dave just launched his newest creation, the Doctors Bag. It's a beauty of a duffel that will accommodate a weekend trip and more. Watch the tour and how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew here on our Facebook page. Transcript is below.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.08.32 PM

So here's a cool tip to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.  A lot of people use a shoe, but I'm going to do it with the bag.  In the meantime, I'm going to show you this box.  I leave it up at the front counter and when people say "This is cool, what is it" I told our gal Patty to say: "Dave designed this box to make little boys ask questions, or little girls ask questions." So it's just this cool box that I designed, it's just a simple, cool box.

I designed this cool little bag to hold coins or that sort of thing.  It's about the size of a Crown Royal bag.  I'm going to open the bottle with this bag.

So what I did for safety is I got some of my business cards and put a few in the bottom of the bag, then put the wine in.  Here is the deal, I think you have to have a wooden cork.  Now in the wooden cork versus synthetic cork world, there is a big debate going on.  People don't like the synthetic because it gives a bad taste to it.  There is something beautiful about hand written notes versus a typed note.  What kind of love letter is typed up and then folded up and given.  There is something beautiful about a hand written letter.  I don't like wine that much, but I prefer the traditional cork because it's natural.

I'm not joking, we had some friends come over to the tents the other night and they said "we have a bottle of wine" and we said "well we don't have a corkscrew."  We had a bottle opener but no corkscrew.  But I went and got a shoe and did this and it works.  So in case you don't have a cork screw here is what you do:

  • Hit the bottle horizontally against a hard surface.
  • Don't hit to hard but be consistent.
  • The cork will slowly come out

If you're on a deserted island and didn't have any shoes, but you had a bottle of wine that is how you do it.

So this is the Doctors bag.  Some people will call it the Gladstone bag, some will call it Weekender Bag or Overnight bag, but I'm calling it the Doctors bag.  Remember on Little House on the Prairie how the doctor would come see Laura and have a bag like this, but a little smaller.


Saddleback Leather Doctors Bag


I designed it so the side straps go through the D rings of the handles.  They come off and are completely removable if you wanted.  But also, they are the right length so if you are getting into it all the time you can fold the strap back over itself, slip it back through the D ring and then tuck it into the outside pocket.

Comfort is a big deal to me.  When Suzette and I first got married, she had a couch in the living room.  I said "But honey, it's uncomfortable" and she said "Well, it looks nice."  Then I said, "I don't care how it looks if it has to be uncomfortable."  So now I care about looks and comfort.

I've got D rings on each side.  I took this around to Kenya and Rwanda on trip and used it almost every single day and it worked out great.  It's just a real simple bag.  No breakable parts.  The only part that could possibly break is this hard core copper rivet in the hinge.  They use them for saddles and making other stuff.  I put a pillow in there, it does not come with a pillow.

I lined the main part with pigskin and kept it unlined on the left and right sides so it could crumple and squish easier.  There is an interior side pocket, you could put a 13" Macbook in there in one of our sleeves, maybe a 15" but it's more for overnight stuff.  It's about 10" deep, 10" tall and 16" wide.

There are two tabs at the top for pulling it open.  There is a pretty tight seal once you get it closed.  I also put an extra line of double stitches across the closure strap to distribute the stress when people pull on the strap.

It took a few months to get it just right.  You can buy it now, we had a few in stock and should have some more up soon.  Thanks to our Facebook fans for tuning in all the time.  I appreciate it.