Trifold Leather Wallet

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Product Overview

Manufactured to the highest quality standards

The Trifold Leather Wallet is made from only full grain leather, which is the strongest and most resistant leather money can buy. And our expensive German thread doesn't deteriorate. That combined with the very durable pigskin lining and you've got yourself a quality wallet. 


Leather- It is such an important part of any quality wallet. If it's not full grain, it will fall apart sooner than it should. Leather is like a roof and the top layer is called "Grain". That layer is like the shingles on a roof. Some places make leather wallets from a cheap hide that had the top layer, with all of the grain, shaved or split off so they can save money. But that's like shaving the shingles off of your roof. The house wouldn't last long, would it. 

Pigskin- Instead of a shiny silky fabric, we lined this leather wallet with a high quality and very durable layer of pigskin. It has a great hand and a rich look.


This Trifold Leather Wallet was designed to give you plenty of room for credit cards, ID and cash but in a smaller, compact RFID wallet. This wallet has a snap closure with antique hardware.

Product Details

41-year warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)

4” x 3” x 1”

Credit card slots-4”x 1 ½”

ID holder 4” x 2 ½

Weight: .033



(No reviews yet) Write a Review