Saddleback Team

You know, any company can tell you what they think you want to hear to pull you in. We aren't like that. When we surveyed everyone working with us, here is what they have observed and experienced working with us at Saddleback.

What characteristics should a Saddleback team member have?

  1. Fun loving / Laughs easily
  2. Kind / Friendly / Empathetic / Respectful
  3. Cares about each other / Team Player / Eager to help
  4. Disciplined / Self motivated / Hard worker
  5. Open to change / Flexible
  6. Creative / Unique
  7. Passionate about work
  8. Integrity / Wants to do the right thing / Concerned about quality
  9. Care about our customers
  10. Honest
  11. Learner / Teachable
  12. Embrace challenges

What we're like when we are at our best?

  1. Fun
  2. Creative
  3. We support each other for work issues and also for personal issues
  4. We get a lot done, unstoppable, efficient
  5. Low stress
  6. A big family
  7. We’re encouraged to offer our unique qualities and our best talents and contribute in a collaborative instead of competitive atmosphere
  8. We strive to help each other get better and grow
  9. A picture of the church - some are the hands, some are the feet...

What are our company values?

  1. Quality / Excellence (product, ourselves, our work)
  2. Loving on people around the world / Compassion / Generosity
  3. Great Service
  4. Relationships / Supporting each other / Family / Team work / Respect
  5. Integrity
  6. Moral values
  7. Faith
  8. Honesty / Transparency / Authenticity
  9. Balance
  10. Fun / Adventure
  11. Originality

So, if you’re sitting in your cubicle saying, “Wow! - This is me. They share my values and I’d love to work in a place like that!” then please click below to see the positions we have open this week. We’re a small business, but we’re growing and are looking for really great people.

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