Boot Leather iPhone 13 Case

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While there is no magnet in this case, it will still work with MagSafe and other wireless chargers.
While there is no magnet in this case, it will still work with MagSafe and other wireless chargers. Our fascinating 14 Million view video below shows how the craftsmanship make it and all that is required to build one of our leather iPhone cases. We went old school here. Each case is handmade and built with imperfections where they were handcut on the corners based on the judgment of the individual. The Japanese say that imperfect is perfect and call that philosophy Wabi Sabi. But, of course, they don't go for that in Toyota. This leather iPhone 13 case process took about one year to perfect and another two years to refine. We now have them the best they've ever been.

A Real Leather iPhone 13 Case

I boiled all of the most popular "Leather" iPhone cases in the video below to show you what they're really made of. A plastic case with a leather sticker on it. Would it be right or fair to mix 80% lard with 20% butter and sell it as Rich and Creamy Butter?

Full Grain Leather Case

Our leather iPhone case is the only 100% SOLID Leather iPhone Case for the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 that we know of. It is made with 100% full grain vegetable-tanned leather. Not top grain or genuine leather. We use the leather that has the FULL amount of grain for these iPhone cases. The natural lighter color will develop a beautiful, rich dark patina with age and use, specifically with sunlight.

iPhone 13 leather case with MagSafe Ability for Wireless Charging

The phone case does not have any magnets, but it can still work with MagSafe wireless chargers. The leather phone case is just thick enough with the full grain leather to protect your iPhone 13 but still thin enough for a MagSafe charger to do the job. When you have MagSafe accessories, this is important. If you go too thick, then the MagSafe charger will not work, too thin, you will not get the extra protection.


iPhone 13 Leather Case that will Age Beautifully

Check out my beautiful wife in the video below in Gabon, Central Africa, whale watching in the sun with her leather iPhone case just a couple of months after getting it in the natural leather color. If you don't feel like waiting to age your leather iPhone Case, you can put some light oil on it, like Olive or Baby Oil, and then put it out in the sun or up on the dashboard. What I do to age my leather iPhone case is, when no one is looking, I rub my leather case on the oilier parts of my face, like next to my nose or along my forehead. Try it and see. Also, touching it, the oils on your hands should darken your leather iPhone case too.


Three Reasons Our Leather Case gives Extra Protection

For three reasons, our solid leather iPhone case protects better than any other leather case or cheap plastic case you could buy. First, because our leather is a little thicker than boot leather, it protects like no other. Although, sure, that clear case or "flexible plastic" case looks cool to an eight year old, full grain leather cases can offer military grade drop protection.

Thick Leather Absorbs Shocks to your iPhone 13

Thick leather can absorb shocks way better than hard plastic does. You'll drop your iPhone a few times, no matter what. Let the leather of the case absorb the shock rather than the energy of the strike pass through a hard plastic case directly to your $1000 iPhone 13. With as much as they cost, you need complete protection.

Thick leather insulates your iPhone 13

It's better than almost anything. On the insulation charts, leather doesn't insulate as well as Styrofoam but is better than wood. Also, you don't have to worry about leaving your iPhone up in the direct sunlight of your dashboard to overheat because most of the heat does not pass through our leather cases. It's incredible how well this works.

Thick leather takes the strike

The corner takes the scrape and keeps going instead of, like most other "leather" iPhone cases tearing the thin leather sticker to expose the cheap white plastic.

What is Full Grain Leather?

Full grain leather is the best quality of leather available. It has not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections, which means it will age beautifully over time and develop a rich patina. It is much more expensive to use, but it is the best.

iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case That will Outlast Your iPhone 13

Sure, you spent a small fortune on your iPhone 13, and now you want to protect it. But also, you don't want to replace this iPhone 13 Pro leather case every six months like a new fashion trend. Buy it once and be done with it. This investment piece will outlast your iPhone 13 by decades and still look great doing it.

It Takes Five Hours to Make One Case

These are handmade leather cases. This is not some throw-together faux leather case that some kids made across the pacific. This is the real deal. It takes five hours to hand cut, stitch, and finish just one case. You can read all the details a little further down the page. Your jaw will drop when you realize what goes into making a case for your iPhone 13.


Our iPhone 13 Pro leather cases are made from the finest materials available. We only use full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, which is the best. This means that our cases will age beautifully over time and develop a rich patina that you can't get with cheaper, lower quality leathers.

Why our Leather Cases are so Affordable

We enjoy what we do. Our focus is not on huge profits. Our focus is on having fun creating the highest quality leather designs in the world. So when you get one of our leather cases for your iPhone 13, we believe you will be back to try our other full grain leather designs. From a wallet to a belt to our famous full grain leather bags.

Save Money on iPhone 13 Repairs

It is a sick feeling when you drop your iPhone 13 and realize that cheap plastic case or faux leather case didn't give you the military grade drop protection you thought it would. Then, you end up at the Apple store and learn how much that case really costs. That Apple logo doesn't come with free repairs. This is where you take it to a local iPhone 13 repair shop, and you start looking for a better solution while it is getting fixed. Look no further.

Your iPhone 13 is an Investment

This is where our story ends, and yours begins. We have been making the world's best leather case for years and have learned how to make the best leather case with MagSafe charger abilities. Who wants thermoplastic polyurethane in their hand when you can have real leather, the full grain specially tanned and formed for your iPhone 13? These leather cases will get more looks than that Apple logo. Like a Saddleback Leather wallet, this leather case screams class beyond an iPhone 13.

How a Leather iPhone Case is Made

Stamp a piece from the hide

So the first thing that must be done is to stamp a piece of full grain leather from the hide. We only use the best pieces since we are using full grain. The stamp uses a lot of pressure to cut away the perfect size piece to start making your iPhone 13.

Thin the leather to 3mm

We want the perfect thickness. This helps with making sure it will be good on your MagSafe charger. If it's too thick, there could be problems.

Stamp the forming pattern into the leather.

This is where we get the piece of leather to the more accurate size. This is like a cookie cutter, but one that you do not want to get your fingers under. It is amazing how this pressure with this form gets it the perfect size for your iPhone 13.

Mark the piece for secondary thinning.

Then our skilled artisan will mark the leather, matching the size of your phone. Finally, we use a piece of metal that is the exact same size and thickness as your iPhone 13, 13 pro, or whichever phone you have.

Bring the case edges to the proper thickness.

Another important step, next we will need to bring the edges of the leather to the perfect thickness for the best iPhone case.

Soak the leather for 3 hours.

Another step that some cheap phone case makers might skip is soaking the leather. We give it a full three hours to ensure it had enough time. No rushes in this work.

Mark the leather again for placement of aluminum form.

Next, we will mark the leather again to ensure the aluminum form will be perfectly centered.

Secure the form.

We will then place the aluminum form in the marked area and clamp down on it against the leather. This is like a giant pair of vice grips giving incredible pressure to stay in place during the next step.

Hammer the leather around the form.

After securing the iPhone 13 form, the leather worker will start hammering the edges of the leather all around the form. This is the beginning of what will make your iPhone 13 fit perfectly in the case.

Sew the leather into its final shape.

Now that it has all been hammered into shape, the leather craftsman will sew it together. This pulls it super tight to help it hold your iPhone 13 perfectly.

Punch and sew the corners.

The corners must be pulled extra tight, so we will punch a hole in each corner, sew it across, and hammer it down.

Do the final shaping of the case.

After all that, we do the final shaping by hammering all around and ensuring it will always be a perfect fit.

Press the case in a vice for 10 minutes.

Then we will use a manual screw vice press the whole thing for 10 minutes. This will help ensure it will keep its perfect shape.

Dry at 100 degrees for 3:30 (three trips through).

This ensures we heat it enough for the prior soak to evaporate. This is the only conveyer belt in this operation because we felt it would be silly to stand there with a blow dryer.

Fan dry for 2 hours.

The leather cases are then sat under fans to dry for a solid two hours, just getting that extra assurance that it is completely dry.

Cut excess material from the case.

Now that the case is perfectly formed, we can cut away the excess materials. Otherwise, we couldn't get our form out, and you couldn't put your iPhone 13 in it.

Mark the button locations.

This is super critical to be very precise with; otherwise, the buttons might not line up perfectly.

Create the hole for the ringer/silent switch.

Another important step for accuracy. Really, every step of the whole job of creating the best iPhone 13 case is supercritical. Cutting corners anywhere would make an inferior case.

Create a hole for the camera.

If we are off by the smallest margins on this, then every picture would include leather. Although we like taking pictures of quality full grain leather, we understand that would be excessive. So we perfectly center the camera hole.

Grind indentations for the volume and side buttons.

Without grinding these indentions, you would have difficulty pressing the buttons. This, just like all other steps, is trusted to a skilled leatherworker. However, this artisan knows at this point that if they grind too much, all of those hours of work are for nothing.

Finish the edges.

We want the edges to be perfect. So not only will it help the iPhone 13 fit smoother, but it will also look good.

Burnish all raw edges with wax.

This step, like the prior, will help it look good, work perfectly, and last far longer than the iPhone can dream of lasting.

Emboss the logo.

You are replacing that Apple logo with something better. Of course, you want that cool Saddleback Leather Co logo on it.

Wax and buff the case.

In the last step, we will apply a coat of wax all around. This will make it look good and feel great in your hand. We then hand buff it to a perfect shine.


Your iPhone 13 deserves the best case money can buy, and that is exactly what you will get with our boot leather iPhone 13 case. Every step of this creation process is done with the utmost precision and care to ensure that your case will look great and function perfectly. From start to finish, our leather workers take pride in their craftsmanship, which shows in the finished product. So if you are looking for a case that will protect your iPhone 13 and look fantastic, look no further than our boot leather iPhone 13 case.



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  • 5
    Absolutely the Greatest Case for Your iPhone

    I am extremely picky about things and rarely find myself completely satisfied with a product or solution. With that in mind, it says a lot that I am on my third version of this case. And I'm still using the first on a daily basis!

    These cases - which I currently use on an older iPhone and a 13 Pro Max but have also used with a 12 Pro Max - literally get better with age. The natural leather becomes a deep, rich brown through normal use and it develops a tactile sense you can't get from another product. It just feels great in your hand. My first case which is many years old now shows no real wear and my latest case, just a few weeks old, is barely beginning to darken in some spots.

    The only negative I can find is that the added weight of the case makes it difficult for mag safe chargers to support the phone and the MagSafe attraction isn't as strong as it could be due to the thickness. But it does charge for me when things are aligned.

    For sure, this is a luxury item but we have our phones in our hands all day long every day and it's a splurge that's very worthwhile.

  • 5
    Beautiful and Incredible

    I bought an iPhone 10 case years ago. I refuse to get a new phone because I cannot give up my case. And of course, I could buy a new case to match a new phone (it’s beyond worth it), but I refuse to give up MY unique case. The touch and feel cannot be replicated. It is a natural, soft, smooth feel in your hand day after day, minute after minute. My only regret is not purchasing my case earlier. If you have not pulled the trigger, do so immediately.

  • 2
    iPhone 13 Pro Case

    I love the idea of this case and I really wanted to love the case itself. Unfortunately the fitment isn’t there. The case fits the overall physical dimensions well, and seems to protect the phone. It was very stiff when it arrived but the buttons wore in very nicely. My issue is that the front camera is obscured by the case, and the hole cut in the back for the main cameras is not located correctly, overlapping the square flange and causing a kind of hollow high spot. Love the leather, love Saddleback, but for the price of the case I do wish it fit correctly.

  • 5

    I got the boot leather iPhone case and immediately had a problem. I couldn't decide if I should use it or have it framed. The craftsmanship was spectacular to say the least. I eventually decided to use it and it fits like a glove and is by far the best case I've ever had. The video on how it's made was what made me try it as it is a little pricey compared to the junk ones I usually buy. After getting it I no longer think it's pricey & more like a bargain. Needless to say, I'd recommend this to anyone.

  • 3
    Unique look - NO WIRELESS CHARGING with 13 Max Pro

    This is my second iPhone case by Saddleback Leather. Last was a iPhone XS Max. Wireless charging DID work with that case. I have tried 3 different wireless charging pads and none of them work with the new iPhone 13 Pro Max case from Saddleback Leather. Lucky the phone has a robust battery but this is a disappointment! Fit is as you'd expect from these cases. Decent but not perfect. I expect it to last years. Button functions are accurate. Needed some trimming with a nail clipper to keep corners and edges from grabbing pockets.