Leather Trunk

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1 unit

Product Overview

Imagine a little girl lifts the top of this new trunk and puts her dolls and play pretties in just the right places. Imagine that same girl's dad helps her lift it into the bed of the truck as he takes her off to college. Imagine she has it open at her wedding for people to put their wedding cards into and then imagine that same girl is now an old lady rocking next to that old vintage trunk with a lifetime of memories. Now imagine her little granddaughter lifting the lid of that same old antique trunk and arranges her dolls and play pretties in it. This leather trunk was designed to be passed down from generation to generation and then one day be in a museum as a vintage turn of the century leather trunk. Your job is to break it in a little.  

No Breakable Parts: There are no breakable parts like zippers, springs, snaps, buttons or velcro. Nothing modern. Just hard buckles and a leather hinge, like they use to make them, but a little stronger.

Reinforced: Anywhere this leather trunk would have stress, it gets stitching, a rivet and a reinforcing hidden Polyester strap sewn in.

Large Pieces: This leather trunk was designed and built with as few individual pieces of leather as possible. The best part of a hide is chosen for each side instead of sewing several pieces together to make one flat space. Seams are from the devil because it is at the seams that things begin to fall apart. Each side is made from one hide all by itself. 

Stitching: Hand Stitching is an art and it is done beautifully here. There are some parts that we used one of our heavy duty industrial sewing machines on and we set it to sew at only 5 stitches per inch. That gives it a little more texture to the design but also keeps the distance between the needle holes as far apart as possible. That is important because sewing machines are also known as perforation machines and when the holes are too close together, the leather tends to tear easily. 

Full Grain Leather: The leather we chose for this trunk is the strongest cow leather there is because it still has the full amount of grain in it. Every hide comes with what is called "grain" which is the toughest and most water resistant fibers of the whole hide. But cowhides come thick, so the tannery splits them in half and then sells two hides. A strong one with grain and a weak one without. The top half is the toughest because it has all of the grain still on it and the bottom half has been neutered. The bottom half is called Split or Genuine leather and also suede. If you're wondering the difference between our leather trunks and lesser priced ones, this is a huge part of it. If you're going to invest in one, get a quality one. Would you ever buy a new roof for your house if they didn't put shingles on it? And our leather is a little thicker than work boot leather.

Lining: We line all of our trunks with tough pigskin, which is actually stronger than cowskin. And we put it skin side down so you get a beautiful and rich look and feel. 

Thread: Not only do we sew this leather trunk with as few seams as possible, but we sew it with a UV resistant continuous filament Polyester thread instead of cheap Nylon thread. The good and bad of Polyester is it never deteriorates. That's good for thread but bad for clothing and sheets. Did you know that the Polyester in bedding doesn't allow people to sleep as well and gives people skin problems? But when it comes to our German engineered thread, there is none better for longevity and durability. And we use the double ought thickness version of it. And we hand stitch using a waxed linen boot cord. 

Hardware: We developed our own custom hardware for this leather trunk out of 316 Stainless Steel. To the common man, it's a common metal, but if you tell a metallurgist that we use 316 Stainless Steel, they'll gasp and then tell you we're lying. It is the metal of choice for extremely high end wrist watches and Apple even uses them for their high end iPhones because of its hardness and corrosion resistance over other types of stainless. It is expensive and kind of overkill, but we have never had a single issue with our hardware failing. If your life depended on the hardware not failing, may it depend on ours. Our clasps were tested and rated to hold up to 750 lbs. 

Front Door: It is expected that this trunk will end up in the stunning living room or in a quality office space and that means there will be decor on top. Therefore, I designed this leather trunk with a front door to get board games or extra blankets out without having the clear the top off to get inside. 

Removable Tray: The tray inside gives you a second layer to store things and has removable dividers so longer keepsakes, important rolls or other valuables can fit the length of the trunk.

Pockets Behind the Pockets: The three pockets fixed to the inside of the lid each have pockets behind them for keeping extra valuable pieces. No one expects them to be there and therefore will not know to stick their hand back there. A nice place to drop a note for your descendants.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
36.75" x 18.75" x 21.25"
Weight: 120 lbs.