Medium Bifold Leather Wallet

0.20 LBS
4.25 (in)
3.50 (in)
0.50 (in)

Product Overview

Our Leather is the Key
This wallet was constructed with full-grain leather. All leather has grain, which is the tough fibers and pores on the top of the hide. Most companies want to save money by using every square inch of the hide, so they shave either some of the grain off (top grain leather) or all of it off (genuine or split leather. Watch how they shave it here at minute 6:30. We WANT as much grain as we can get. Like all of it. So we cut around the scars and blemishes and throw that leather away. The top of the hide with all of the grain in it is the most durable, patinas the best and is super water-resistant.

Then we line our wallets with pigskin, which is a tougher leather than the cow leather. It's how we can offer a 100-Year Warranty. And then we sew it with our tough marine-grade polyester thread. It's what they sew parachutes and ship sails with. If a life depends on it, they use our thread. In between the leather and pigskin is a thin layer of Radio Frequency ID blocking materials to stop a thief from scanning your wallet in a crowd and stealing your identification off your credit cards. It happens all the time.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
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Dimensions (W x H)
4.25 " x 3.50"
Weight: 0.20 lbs

A cool trick for when you get pulled over by a corrupt cop in Mexico
I've been pulled over a million times in Mexico and I deserved to be pulled over for about 600,000 of them. But strangely, I hadn't been pulled over for about 5 years, until just last December. And I didn't deserve it either. So the cop comes up to the window and, of course, I started talking to him in perfect English to not let him know that I speak perfect Spanish. I just kept smiling and wasting his time by repeating the same words over and over again to frustrate him. Didn't work. Guy had the patience of Job. So I threw out my next trick and the next trick and the next trick that usually gets me free. But to no avail. His hand gestures made it super obvious that he wanted to see my driver's license and so I got my wallet and gave him ONE of them. You see, for times like this, when all else has failed, I keep two licenses in my wallet. My current one and my old expired one. So I pulled the expired one out of my wallet and gave it to him. He walked away looking at it and all of a sudden he turned around and walked muy rapido to my window and said that my license was expired. You see, the way it works is, they take your driver's license away and when you pay your fine down at the police station, they give you back your license unless... you pay the fine right there on the spot in cash. I figured he could have my worthless driver's license and all would be great and I would go on my way. He kept offering for me to give him cash so we could both go our separate ways. The way it ended was that since I never pay bribes, he took off one of my license plates and I had to get it down at the police station after paying the $5. I sent a special friend of mine to get it and he got the cop in a whole bunch of trouble and probably fired. So, that's why you should keep your expired license with you in your wallet while traveling.