Deep Pocket Leather Duffle Bag

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Product Overview

I designed this 20” long leather duffle with 6” deep INSET pockets that stick out of the front an inch or two and sink in four or five inches. This makes it fit nicely into overhead compartments on planes. If the pockets were SEWN ON and stuck out of the front six inches, the duffle bag would be as much of a hassle as owning a boat, plane or a vacation home. Let a friend or relative own those things. You own this.

The Deep Pocket Leather Duffle is over-engineered. The Gladstone closure eliminates breakable parts like zippers, magnets, snaps, and buttons from being used. Over time leather stretches, but we reinforce all stress points with rivets and hidden polyester strapping to prevent this.

The two front pockets also utilize the Gladstone closure, making them unlike any travel duffle bag we have ever seen. They can hold an excessive amount of things. Like all your mini travel size personal care bottles, all your charging cables, passports and other important documents, or even socks and under garments.

We only use the highest grade and strongest leather on this travel duffle bag, called full-grain leather. What is full grain leather you ask? Well, the easiest way to explain it is that it doesn’t have any top layers shaved off of it. A great analogy I like to use is comparing the top grain of leather to the shingles on a house. The top grain (shingles) are the toughest and most protective part on the cow hide (roof). We don’t shave any layers off of our leather, we like the strength and character it offers. The leather we use is mineral tanned with Chromium (Cr). Chrome tanned leather is the most corrosive resistant leather you can get, which means your leather Front Door Duffle bag is corrosion resistant as well.

Our custom 316 stainless steel hardware can be used if your life depends on it. It’d be what you would want as a matter of fact. If you google it you’ll be greatly impressed, but metallurgists give me some pretty crazy looks when I tell them it’s what I use on our bags.

The inside, opposite of the two front pockets, has a big open pocket made from pigskin which also lines the entire interior. Pig skin is even stronger than the full-grain leather we use.  

We sew it all together at only 5 stitches per inch using incredibly strong polyester thread. We do this so that there is more leather between the needle holes and fewer holes to start a tear. And our thread will not deteriorate when the sun hits it like nylon thread does.

There are so many cool features on this leather duffle bag. First and foremost, the mid-18th century Gladstone Bag closure we used on the main compartment and the two front pockets is built for a lifetime of use. This came from a time when zippers weren’t a thing yet and they needed to keep the leather bag closed for travel. When opened, it stays open and it's really wide so it’s easy to dig around when you’re trying to find that surprise gift you brought to give your significant other.

I put holes all the way out to the tip of the three straps that secure the closures. This way you can cram pack every crevasse and still be able to strap it securely closed.

What It Fits
Carry-On Approved
3-5 days of travel

Product Details

  • 100-Year Warranty
  • 12” H  x  20” W x 12” D (OUTSIDE)
  • Pockets: 7.5” W x 8" H 
  • Weight: 8lbs.


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    This is Just Right!

    I finally received the best bag ever, from Saddleback! And that's saying a lot...ha....(I'll list what I have down at the bottom, so you'll know I have plenty of Saddleback bags to compare it to!) First, the size is absolutely perfect. I have the Beast, and the Adolescent Beast, and yes, they're amazing - and big. This is smaller - but not by much! And that's the's just right. Bigger than the Doctor's duffle, which was my go-to for quick trips...but now? This is the one. Second, the quality. Wow, Saddleback hit a whole new bar with this one. So beautiful! (mine is in Chestnut like most of my stuff). I mean, so beautiful and so well-made, you just want to put it in an extra chair at the dining room table and just look at it while you have dinner Ha...But seriously, when function and beauty come together - that's this bag. Thank you Dave!

  • 5
    Exceeded my expectations

    Like all Saddleback products this Gladstone duffle far exceeded my expectations. Besides the functional design this duffle looks incredible. It's the perfect size for a weekend getaway and the wide mouth opening makes accessing its contents a breeze. The front pocket design is like nothing I've seen before, they look to be a normal size from the outside but the liner can expand into the interior of the bag and can fit way more than you would think. Saddleback knocked it out of the park with this duffle!