Corporate Gifts for Architects

Architects want their first impression for a potential client to be that they care about quality and care about design. What they don’t want is to associate themselves with bland and boring or expensive and pretentious things. You laugh. It’s true. The best corporate gifts for architects are good looking things made of quality leather.

Here is our guide to the top ten most appreciated leather corporate gifts for architects:

1. Leather Business Card Holder

Imagine the architect pulls out his nicely broken in leather business card holder to get one of his cards out and the potential client says, “Whoa! That’s a great looking leather business card holder. Can I see it?” And so their friendship goes personal and the deal is closed. If they like you, they’ll buy from you. A small corporate gift for architects like this can go a long way.

2. Briefcase

If the architects briefcase is too expensive looking, it gives that snooty, “I’m going to charge you a lot” look. If it looks like a tradeshow booth giveaway piece of crap, you know what that says. Our briefcases are the ideal leather corporate gift for architects, especially the client facing ones.

3. Leather Portfolio

A great corporate gift for architects is the kind of gift they’ll be proud to use everyday. Listening, taking notes and explaining things to clients is what they do.

4. Leather Valet Tray

Architects need to stay organized, or at least appear that way, and that’s why they need a leather valet tray to put their pocket contents into on their desk. And if you can’t decide which style to pick, then get both. They’ll use one for their desk and one for the nightstand next to their bed. This is one of our most popular highly acclaimed corporate gifts for architects.

5. Leather Desk Pad

Architects spend a lot of time writing and drawing on a computer program, but a lot of them also spend a lot of time writing and drawing by hand at their desk. And a leather desk pad is one of the favorite things you can get someone who writes and draws. These desk mats are especially nice to spruce up boring offices. If it’s ugly, put leather on it.

6. Large Leather Mouse Pad

One of the things architects spend a lot of time doing is creating in some architectural software. It’s a constant thing and they need a large leather mouse pad that will last them their entire career. And guess who they’ll be thinking of everytime they sit down to use it. The one who gave them that corporate gift.

7. Bear Trap Leather Pen Case

Since architects are often sketching freehand, they often carry with them mechanical pencils and a pen or two. This leather pen case is an ideal corporate gift for architects because it’s what they’ll carry with them daily. And it’s fun to open and close.

8. Doctor’s Leather Duffle Bag

Architects typically aren’t big travelers for work, but they do typically enjoy traveling to admire historical architecture in areas far from where they live. This British style leather duffle bag is an impressive corporate gift that will make them want to get away from work more often.

9. Leather Organizer Bag

The one thing that will follow an architect in their career, no matter which company they work for, will be this small leather organizer bag. And throughout their career, the memory of the one who gave it to them the corporate gift will follow them too.

10. Leather Laptop Backpack

It’s not often that the majority of architects need to travel for work by plane, but when they do, they’ll want to travel with this backpack. It will leave an impression on them and the clients they’ve traveled to see. It’s an unforgettable and enduring corporate gift for architects.

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