The Leather Corporate Gifts for Astronauts

TJ Creamer was, to our knowledge, the first and only astronaut to ever take something from Saddleback Leather up into space. It was a leather portfolio and he didn’t take a picture. TJ, if you’re reading this, you need to go back up and take a picture. But if ever someone needed to depend on their gear, it’s an astronaut.

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Here are our top ten best corporate gifts for astronauts:

1. Indiana Leather Satchel

The Leather Indiana Satchel and the waxed canvas Indiana Satchel are both the same size that Indiana Jones carried. It’s the ideal corporate gift for anyone who likes to be prepared. A “just in case” kind of man keeps the essentials to keep his family and himself safe. The cool thing about the waxed canvas version is that it will burn like a candle in case survival is required.

2. Leather Moleskine Journal Cover

Astronauts are all about writing notes and recording what they notice and learn. Could there be a more useful corporate gift for an astronaut than a Leather Moleskine Journal Cover to keep their memories together? The journals are kept and will be read long after they’ve left this world and so will the cover.

3. Leather Luggage Tag

An astronaut doesn’t just travel vertically. They travel through a lot of airports too. If they don’t happen to be carrying one of our distinct looking leather duffle bags or carry ons, they’ll need a distinct leather luggage tag to differentiate theirs from the masses.

4. Leather Flight Bag

Not that they would take this into space with them, but this briefcase was purposefully designed with pilots in mind. This leather bag stays open next to their seat so they can leave it open next to their seat. It’s a very appropriate corporate gift for people who fly, especially those who live in tight spaces.

5. Leather iPad Case

An iPad is a tool a lot of them use on a daily basis. Why get them a Hello Kitty fake leather iPad case when everything else they have, they can trust their life with.

6. Front Pocket Card Wallet

Astronauts don’t carry a lot of extra cargo. A slim front pocket wallet is unnoticeable in their clothes and perfect for those who need comfort. The last thing an astronaut needs is a beefy wallet in their back pocket.

7. Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag

This works as a first aid kit, survival bag, tool bag or as a true minimalist’s duffle bag. A solid leather tool bag is an ideal corporate gift for astronauts. Say no to re-gifting.

8. Leather Duffle Bag

Astronauts are known for traveling really really fast and far. But not all the time. So it makes perfect sense to give them a corporate gift to an astronaut like our most versatile and best selling Waterbag. It’s made of only one piece of leather and can fit pretty much anywhere. It’s a duffle bag they’ll use their entire career.

9. Small Leather Portfolio

It’s what every astronaut needs to log and take notes. This leather portfolio is simple, old fashioned but classic and is one of our all around most popular corporate gifts. This one will hold the stories of their life, long after the paper is gone.

10. Fire Starter Kit

Astronauts are “just in case” kind of people and so this fire starter kit is a fun corporate gift for them. Hopefully they’ll never have to use it. It’s maybe our coolest thing. It wouldn’t help them much in space, but it’s something for sure that they’ll keep in their glove box.

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