Corporate Gifts for Astronomers and Space People

If you want to a star to an astronomer or someone who loves space, then get them a gift they’ll not only keep, but love. That’s a tough mission because the Astronomer’s work is so broad. They work in all kinds of places like at NASA, observatories, museums, planetariums, Aerospace firms, and universities. Let us make it easy for you. Give them leather.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for therapists and counselors:

1. Leather Pen Case

This full grain leather case is the perfect conversation starter that holds about a half dozen pens. Deciding on leather gifts for Astronomers is easy with this high-quality leather choice. It’s also the perfect leather corporate gift that you can get monogrammed too.

2. Leather Business Card Holder

Some of the coolest business cards out there come from Astronomers. Google it, no joke. Out of this world Astronomer business cards deserve a worthy home. Gifting high quality leather business card holders as corporate gifts this year is the perfect remedy to the problem of generic business card holders. They’ll love it, we promise.

3. Leather Portfolio

Whether teaching astronomy and physics courses in higher education, writing proposals or taking notes at a seminar, a lot of an Astronomer’s life is dedicated to writing. Which is why one of our most popular corporate gifts for Astronomers is the Leather Portfolio. It’s guaranteed to be boost their image of you sky high.

4. Leather Organizer Bag

As one of the most sought-after leather bags offered, this Leather Organizer Bag is the perfect corporate gift for Astronomers and space cadets. Functional and versatile, these little leather bags make fantastic gifts for organizing anything from first aid kits to cables and eyepieces.

5. The Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag

Are you shrewd like Astronomers? If you are, then you’ll know that all those smaller Astronomer tools and gadgets they use will find a crafty home in these savvy Leather Tool Bags. A cunning leather bag corporate gift for Astronomers that they’ll be over the moon for.

6. Leather Toiletry Bag

Those out-of-town conferences that Astronomers attend several times a year just got more sophisticated with these leather toiletry bags. You can’t go wrong with this leather corporate gift for Astronomers and star people. It’s one of our top sellers every year.

7. Leather Desk Pad Set

What astronomers do? You ask, we answer. While peering through high-powered telescopes do occupy the time of Astronomers, it is more common to find them at their desks researching galaxies online. There’s no better corporate gift for Astronomers trying to understand how the universe works than this high-quality leather desk set that includes a normal sized leather mouse pad, a large leather mouse pad, and a leather desk pad.

8. Leather Briefcase

Choosing corporate gifts for Astronomers can be a little challenging. But just like nobody ever regrets doing a good thing, you’ll never regret giving them a high quality leather briefcase. Every astronomer carries a laptop bag of some sort, whether it’s a laptop backpack or a regular briefcase. So why not give them a gift they’ll always use and remember.

9. Leather Backpack

Backpacks are the new briefcase and this leather laptop backpack will be one they’ll use not just at work, but when they’re out in nature too. It’s just one of those corporate gifts for astronomers and space oriented people that will go down in their history as one of the best gifts they’ve ever received.

10. Doctor's Leather Duffle Bag

Gifting your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy this English Gladstone Bag style leather overnight bag would be one for the record books. Astronomers do a lot of wondering. But wondering what you think of them will no longer be a question in their mind. This leather duffle bag is out of this world.

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