Corporate Gifts for Builders


People typically contact Builders to build a house and if they show up in a beater truck with trash and rusty tools in the back, then run. Low quality builders are easy to spot. So give your builder a high quality leather corporate gift that they’ll love for their whole lifetime but would never go out to splurge on it themselves.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for builders:

1. Slim Leather Business Card Holder

By giving a leather business card holder as a corporate gift for Builders, you’re helping them get more business. Seriously, we know it’s just a leather business card holder, but it will make a difference in the rapport they establish through the conversations that they’ll have when people see it and when they talk about the giver.

2. The Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag

Umm… I don’t think there’s even a need to explain why this is a perfect gift for builders. It has the word TOOL in the title and it’s cool.

3. Hard Leather Valet Tray

Builders are notorious for carrying around pockets full of assorted items.  A fitting leather corporate gift, that puts all those contents in one place at the end of the day, is a leather valet tray. Maybe one for their desk and another for their nightstand.  This is a popular corporate gift for builders in the construction field.

4. Leather Mouse Pad

There aren’t a lot of things sadder than a solid, full-grain leather desk pad sitting next to a generic cheap foam mouse pad, flimsy mouse pad.  It’s a fun gift idea for builders.

5. Leather Desk Pad

What better for a Builder’s desk then a quality leather desk pad to smooth out what most likely is a beat up, tough, old work table or cool old door?  Builders and leather just go together. There’s nothing quite like a corporate gift for Builders to enjoy when coming back from the work site.

6. Leather Portfolio

Builders are always carrying around papers and taking notes at job sites.  This leather portfolio is the perfect leather corporate gift for Builders to organize their documents and notes and look respectable. Since it’s made of one solid piece of sturdy full-grain leather, it’ll age nicely over time and last for their entire career.

7. Leather Toiletry Bag

Builders often wear many hats and sometimes jump in as construction managers and carpenters when needed. That’s why this small leather bag can be used for more than toiletries for travel.  How about a cool leather bag for specialty project tools or even a worksite first aid kit?

8. Front Pocket Leather Backpack

Builders spend a lot of time walking around outside at work locations in all weather situations and our leather backpacks laugh at wet or really sunny weather.  A leather laptop backpack is the perfect premium corporate gift for Builders to keep their hands free wherever they travel.

9. Front Pocket Leather Briefcase

Builders often meet with clients to go over bids and other construction business.  What better way to instill confidence than a premium corporate gift for Builders to impress when they show up with a quality full-grain leather briefcase that has compartments for everything they need? A quality laptop is never regifted.

10. Side Pocket Leather Duffle Bag

A great gift idea for Builders is a leather mid-1800’s style English Gladstone Bag that most use for an overnight bag. It will for sure convey your confidence in them and how much you respect them. This leather duffle bag will build loyalty like no other gift you can give, besides maybe a new truck or something super expensive.

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