The Corporate Gifts Guide for Doctors

A woman told me her personal story. She said, “I’m in charge of buying corporate gifts for a large doctor group each year and I always buy them Saddleback Leather. One of the first years, a doctor came up to me and said, “Good choice with the leather bag. Finally a gift that I’ll keep”. Leather corporate gifts for doctors are what they want.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for doctors:

1. The Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag

Because it looks like a traditional leather Doctor’s Bag, it’s the ideal small leather bag to take on house calls or to stow away in the car to help somebody out along the way. Of course, doctors aren’t always doctoring, so give them this leather tool bag as a personal or corporate gift for home use too.

2. The Leather Desk Pad Set

Doctors spend quite a bit of time sitting at their desk writing and researching. Why not make their time at work pleasant by giving them a leather desk pad set. It is a set of three pieces since there is beauty in triangles. The leather desk pad, the leather mouse pad and the large leather mouse pad, which I have used as a monitor pad and as a smaller writing pad. They’ll think of you everytime they sit at that desk of theirs.

3. Leather Coasters

I know this sounds kind of weird, but it’s more for their patients than it is for them. They’ll put the leather coasters around the office or put them in their office to bring a little bit of life to the place. They’re not big or fancy but they are warm. It’s just one of those small little details that will help them win over their patients.

4. Leather Valet Tray

Since doctors don’t walk around with their pockets stuffed full all day long, they need a place to empty them at work and at home. We have two kinds of leather valet trays for them to dump their wallet, keys, pocket knife and watch into at their office or on their night stand.

5. Leather Organizer Bag

This simple bag is made of just one piece of leather, folded around and sewn to itself. If you have to buy hundreds of corporate gifts then this is one of the favorites, by far. It’s one of those leather bags that will be with them for life. Great for keeping their bags organized on the inside for their cords or even personal hygiene. Little known fact, the Leather Organizer Bag also doubles as a great leather essentials first aid kit.

6. Leather Toiletry Bag

Again, doctors have no shortage of uses for small leather bags and this leather toiletry bag is no exception. It can be used for toiletries while traveling or for a cool little first aid essentials kit. It’s all about that hippocratic oath.

7. The Big Mouth Leather Duffle Bag (Coming Soon)

This is an old fashioned leather doctor’s bag, also called a Gladstone Bag. It’s the classic small leather duffle that doctors traditionally took or take on housecalls. It’s just a plain cool bag based off of a British Prime Minister William Gladstone. It’s a personal or corporate gift that they’ll want to keep.

8. The Classic Leather Briefcase

Doctor’s don’t need to be carrying a flashy bag or watch or anything that could be interpreted as, “I’m going to charge you an arm and a leg”. A simple, “I really care about quality” leather briefcase is absolutely perfect. It’s the ideal leather corporate gift for anyone in the medical world, especially a doctor.

9. The Leather Portfolio

Some doctors print and some doctors scribble and they do so daily. So, why not give them a gift that they’ll use everyday and proudly pull out at conferences to take notes on? There isn’t a simple corporate gift that they’ll appreciate more than a nice leather portfolio that will break in nicely and last until they’re 80 and forced to retire.

10. The Doctor’s Leather Duffle Bag

This is the classic mid-1800’s Gladstone bag but a little bigger. Not necessarily for medical use but it’s the stereotypical leather overnight or weekend bag that traveling doctor’s have been known to carry for decades. Maybe this corporate gifts will give them the itch to take some time off and travel. I guess if you’re their spouse, this leather duffle bag will be a gift to you too.

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