Corporate Gifts for Engineers

The quality personal brand of an engineer will bring them respect and professional success. Promotions, leadership and new clients come about when people feel or think good things when they’re around them or when their name comes up. And those feelings are built partly by what the engineer associates with. For an engineer to own things that are designed well, over-engineered and smell a lot like leather is a good start. Therefore, leathery corporate gifts for engineers are exactly what they need.

Our top ten most popular corporate gifts for engineers that they’ll keep:

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

1. The Leather Desk Pad

Most engineers sit at their desk a lot researching, designing or calculating. It’s where they spend a huge portion of their life. A quality leather desk pad, mat or blotter (whatever you want to call it) is something they’ll use and appreciate all of their days, but probably something they would never go out to buy for themselves. Why not make their time at work pleasant by giving them a leather desk pad.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

2. A Leather Mouse Pad

Did you know that over 1,000,000 people each month search Google for the term “Mouse Pad”. Why not upgrade your engineer to a leather mouse pad. We have two sizes. A large leather mouse pad and a normal leather mouse pad. You can’t go wrong with either. When they’re sitting at their desk, they’ll be thinking of your kindness.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

3. The One Piece Leather Duffle Bag

They’ll appreciate this leather duffle bag because of it’s fascinating design. Engineers love design. In fact, this leather overnight bag was named Accessory of the Year by Gray’s Sporting Journal a few years back because of it’s complex yet simple design. One piece of leather sewn to itself in just the right proportions.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

4. The Bear Trap Leather Pen Case

Another simple yet nicely engineered piece is the this leather pen case. It’ll hold several pens and mechanical pencils in it and that’s what engineers always carry with them. The other day in an old Rwandan market, I pulled out a stack of American Dollars, folded them lengthwise and stuck them in this leather pen case before I started bargaining for an old antique warrior shield. He asked how much money I had so I shrugged my shoulders, opened my leather wallet wide. I pulled out all of the Francs there were and started counting. He got a fist full of cash and I got an impressive battle shield to hang in my office.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

5. A Leather Valet Tray

Since engineers sit at their desk and in meetings a lot, they don’t want their pockets stuffed with knick knacks to make them uncomfortable as they sit. As soon as they get to the office, they walk in the door and empty their pockets onto the desk. This leather valet tray is all about organizing them. We have two versions of it; The Hard Leather Valet Tray and the Original Leather Valet Tray. But there’s no need to choose. Get one for their pens, coins and other knick knacks on their office desk and the other for their phone and knife and wallet on their night stand at home.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

6. Leather Organizer Bag

Our leather organizer bag is engineered with just one piece of leather. It’s just fun to look at if nothing else. But it will be one of those things that they carry and use until they die. It has more simple uses than a pocket on a shirt. If you have hundreds of corporate gifts to buy, this is one of the crowd favorites, by far. Some use it for cables and spare batteries while others use it for keeping their receipts organized. Either way, we’ve had major companies buy this for all of their employees.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

7. The Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack

Not all engineers, but a lot of them go out in the field for their work and actually need a backpack to carry their laptop, leather portfolio and other such gear for the job. Could there be a nicer corporate gift? I mean, unless you got them one of our $5000 leather trunks. That would be one for the record books. But this leather backpack is unforgettable.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

8. A Leather Briefcase

Every engineer carries a briefcase or laptop bag of some sort, a laptop to fit in it, battery charger, leather portfolio and a few other things pieces for work. What better personal or corporate gift for them to get complimented on than a high quality leather briefcase. Those with a discerning eye know and care about such things and the confidence it takes to carry one. Get rid of their mediocre leather or free vinyl conference giveaway career crushing “Hello Kitty” briefcase and get them one of ours.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

9. The Leather Portfolio

The notetaking of most engineers is print and very neat at that. And the one thing that doesn’t leave an engineer’s side is a portfolio with that note pad inside. So, why not give them a corporate gift that they’ll proudly carry to every meeting, every conference and to every client event. And the more they carry it, the more patina it will get and the more compliments they will get. And they’ll think of you. And we have two sizes of leather portfolios to choose from.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

10. The Doctor’s Leather Duffle Bag

This is the leather duffle bag that was named after the British Prime Minister from 1828, William Gladstone. He was a favorite and so is this leather overnight bag. It’s built to either be used as an alternative to a briefcase or as a weekend bag. Either one, it’s always a spectacular “Wow!” gift. Whether a corporate gift saying that we appreciate you or a personal gift that says I love you, it is sure to impress.