Corporate Gifts for Executives


The Corporate Gifts Guide for Executives

Business acumen is key for an executive, but other factors contribute to their success too. That’s why buying quality leather corporate gifts for executives is so important. If people like them, they’ll buy from them, respect them, support them or pull for their success. And that’s what owning quality leather pieces helps with for an executive.

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This is our list of the top ten leather corporate gifts for executives:

1. Leather Business Card Holder

They say your network determines your net worth. If they pull out a well aged good looking leather business card holder, they’re going to get complimented and asked about it. And all of a sudden, a personal conversation will begin and their network builds. Is there a more powerful small corporate gift for executives?

2. Briefcase

Hundreds of executives own our briefcases because they’re not too flashy, but they scream quality. The briefcase is the ideal corporate gift for any executive. Does their current briefcase speak of them? Is it average and blend in or does it tell stories and strike up conversations. This briefcase does.

3. Leather Portfolio

The best corporate gift for executives is something they’ll use everyday. Since they’re in meetings all day long, asking questions and taking notes, a leather portfolio is a no-brainer. And after years and years of use, it’ll be one of the most cherished and attractive things they own.

4. Leather Valet Tray

The holy grail of gifting is the piece they’ll put on their desk. You want the memory of you and your generosity to be in front of them as much as possible. What better than a unique and handsome leather valet tray to organize their keys and knick knacks on their desk or nightstand at home. But either way, our leather valet trays are one of our all time favorite and most used corporate gifts.

5. Leather Desk Pad

There aren’t many things sadder in the executive world than a boring corporate office. At Saddleback Leather, we say, “If it’s ugly, put leather on it”. This is particularly important for ugly desks and boring office spaces. When it comes to corporate gifts for executives, a leather desk pad is something they’ll not just like, but they’ll enjoy and be proud of.

6. Bear Trap Leather Pen Case

Since executives are usually writing down questions they have and ideas they come up with, they are rarely found without a mechanical pencils and a pen or two. This leather pen case is a great corporate gift for executives not just because of it’s function, but because of it’s kind of really cool to open and close too.

7. Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Since executives are often wearing slacks, they need a slim wallet that doesn’t bulge. The ideal wallet for this is our favorite and slim Front Pocket Leather Wallet. Say not to bulging Kastanza wallets.

8. The Classic Leather Briefcase

The job of executives is to think about things and to meet. They work long hours and you need to think of a corporate gift for lawyers that makes them want to disconnect and get away from it all. That’s why our old fashioned leather duffle bag is such a great corporate gift for executives. It’s a solid leather travel bag for either business or personal.

9. Leather Organizer Bag

More people have received these leather organizer bags as a corporate gift than any other piece we have. It is a highly functional gift that companies can buy hundreds of without breaking the bank and that the new owners can find a thousand uses for. Anywhere from something to organize their cords and cables in, or a small toiletry bag to an essentials first aid kit to keep in the car.

10. Leather Laptop Backpack

If the executive is in a larger company, they are traveling often. The airports are filled with business travelers and they are almost all carrying a laptop backpack. Could there be a better corporate gift for executives than a high quality leather backpack?

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