Corporate Gifts for Insurance Agents


To insure loyalty and longevity with you, could there be a better corporate gift for insurance agents than a leather one? You’d hate for them to crash or burn and so get them something that will keep them feeling valued for years.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for insurance agents:

1. Leather Business Card Holder

It’s time to throw away all those generic and/or plastic business card holders.  An Insurance Agent worthy of trust needs to show quality in the details. Help your Insurance Agents take their presentation up a notch or two by giving a leather corporate gift that impresses.  You can’t go wrong with something they’ll use every day.

2. Leather Valet Tray

Help Insurance Agents keep their desk de-clutter by giving them a cool leather valet tray. Choose between The Hard Leather Valet Tray or the Firm Leather Valet Tray.  Or gift both. One can be used on their desk at work, and the other on their nightstand at home. This is definitely one of the most popular leather corporate gifts we offer for all those Knick knacks carried around.

3. Leather Organizer Bag

This corporate gift for insurance Agents is the most versatile and popular gifts we have. If they don’t use it for keeping organized at work or in their briefcase, then they’ll use it for keeping organized at home. This is one they’ll never regift.

4. Leather Coasters

Can Insurance Agents get gifts?  You ask and we answer. We all have personal Insurance Agents who work hard to protect us during unexpected events.  What better way to show appreciation and getting super prompt service the next time you need it than by giving them a simple set of really nice leather coasters.

5. Leather Portfolio

This leather portfolio is a gift for Insurance Agents that they’ll use every day all day long. And they’ll talk of you every time they get asked about their excessive-quality leather portfolio. This gift is one of the most common gifts we sell for business people.

6. Leather Document Holder

Insurance Agents are always carrying and delivering documents, so why not make delivering them fun by giving them this cool leather document holder. Gifting this corporate gift for insurance agents will be a totally unique one and useful in their everyday life.

7. Leather Desk Pad Set

Insurance Agents can usually be found at their desks closing contracts. Why not make their time there more enjoyable by giving them a high-quality leather desk pad set that includes a leather mouse pad, large leather mouse pad, and leather desk pad? It’s a corporate gift that will impress your agent and their clients too.

8. Leather Briefcase

We’re generally against shaming in most all circumstances, especially with children and spouses, but if your public-facing Insurance Agent uses a generic-looking cheap conference giveaway laptop bag, then they need some sort of negative consequence to change.

9. Leather Backpack

A leather laptop backpack is the perfect corporate gift for Insurance Agents.  Whether hitting the road for a conference or commuting to and from work, this leather backpack has room to carry all the essentials. It’ll make all other insurance agencies nervous that they’ll lose their best agents to you when they see what you outfitted them with.

10. Doctor's Leather Duffle Bag

Doctors aren’t the only ones who buy these English Gladstone Bag style leather overnight bags.  These leather duffle bags are perfect for weekend get-a-way trips that Insurance Agents need to refresh. Whether personal or corporate, you can’t go wrong with this leather duffle bag gift.  It’s guaranteed to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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