Corporate Gifts for IT Professionals


The Ultimate Leather Corporate Gifts Guide for IT Professionals

Saddleback Leather knows IT Professionals and what they want. We’ve hired or worked with hundreds of them. They’re creative problem-solvers who do a lot of work alone...seated. As a boss or spouse, if you want to build loyalty or deposit some serious emotional capital into their account, give them a cool leather gift that they would love to own and use every day but couldn’t justify buying for themselves.

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Here are our top ten most desired leather corporate gifts for IT Professionals:

1. Leather Business Card Holder

Think of how impressed you'd be if someone handed you their business card from a full-grain leather business card holder? This leather conversation piece will speak volumes as to your IT Professional’s expertise. It’s a small detail that they’ll carry with them every day they leave their cave.

2. Leather Mouse Pad

IT Professionals sit at their desks all day, staring at computer screens, solving problems. Why not upgrade the thing that they use most in life from a generic mouse pad to a high-quality leather mouse pad? We have two sizes; a large and a normal-sized leather mouse pad. If it’s a corporate gift or a personal one, they’ll think of your kindness every day.

3. Leather Organizer Bag

There's nothing worse than a chaotic laptop bag full of gadgets and knick-knacks. Help your “just in case” IT Specialist stay organized with a leather organizer bag. It’s our most versatile gift that’s used for anything from an essentials first aid kit to storing cables. It’s one of our most popular corporate gifts and personal gifts too.

4. Leather Coasters

IT Professionals are known for drinking a lot at work (coffee).  What better way to show common ground for a love of caffeine then leather coasters for their desk? These leather coasters are a wonderful leather corporate gift for those Techie experts in your company or at their home office. 

5. Leather Portfolio

Help your IT Professional organize their papers and notes by giving them a leather portfolio.  What better way to show your IT Specialists that you care about quality and attention to detail as much as they do?  You can't go wrong with this leather corporate gift.

6. Leather Valet Tray

Help IT Professionals make their desks clutter-free and be cooler than everybody else’s by putting a leather valet tray on it. No need to choose from The Hard Leather Valet Tray or the Original Leather Valet Tray. Buy one for the pens, coins, and thumbdrives on their desk and one for their wallet, watch and keys on their nightstand. This is definitely one of our most popular and versatile corporate gifts for IT Professionals.

7. Leather Desk Pad

IT Professionals spend so much time at their desks, make them proud of their space with a leather desk pad, mat or blotter (whatever title floats your boat). Enjoying where you sit all day is half the battle in keeping a Techie focused and happy. Fight that battle for them by getting them a gift they would love, but would never buy for themselves.

8. Doctor's Leather Duffle Bag

You don't have to be a doctor to carry this high-quality leather duffle bag. Show your IT Professionals how much you value their specialized work by gifting an English Gladstone Bag style leather overnight bag. You’ll be remembered for generations to come with this gift, whether it be personal or corporate.

9. Leather Backpack

Make your IT Professional’s commute to work or for conference travel an especially proud occasion by gifting them a leather laptop backpack. This leather backpack has room to carry all Techie essentials and a couple changes of clothes. When other IT Specialists hear that your company bought them such a corporate gift as this backpack, it’ll speak volumes of how much you value and appreciate them.

10. Leather Briefcase

When your IT Professional is called to demonstrate for clients, you don’t want them taking their laptops out of a cheap nylon conference giveaway briefcase. Do yourself a favor and get your top Techies the leather laptop bag they deserve. This corporate gift will not only make you or your company look good, but it will confirm to everyone that you are high quality too.

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