Corporate Gifts for Federal Law Enforcement Officers


It’s not mission impossible to find a gift for federal agents. We’ve heard that Saddleback Leather has a LARGE following with all branches of Federal Law Enforcement Officers. So you can’t go wrong with our leather. Whether in the FBI, CIA, DEA, DHS, ATF, Secret Service or they’re a U.S. Marshal, the perfect Corporate gift for Federal Agents is here.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for federal law enforcement officers:

1. Leather Document Holder

Federal Agents carry classified or sensitive documents and boring civilian presentations documents too. Don’t let them be found guilty of sporting a low-quality document holder when they could be pulling papers out of one of these.

2. Leather Pistol Wrap

This full-grain leather gun wrap is a leather corporate gift for federal agents that will be envied. It works as a gun rug at the range, holds extra clips and is nice for storing pistols in the office or at home. There is a bed of sheepskin that wicks away moisture and airflow that keeps their piece from rusting. It’s a favorite for gun owners.

3. Leather Passport Wallet

Whether gathering foreign info from a network of spies or staking out one of our own, one thing all Federal Law Enforcement Officers have in common is travel.  Gifting this leather wallet is sure to be a breeze down the cakewalk of corporate gift success. And as a secret perk, this leather wallet has a layer of RFID blocking material to stop shady characters from scanning wallets and skimming credential information.

4. Leather Valet Tray

Everyone knows that Federal Agents all wear dark secretive sunglasses. It’s what they do.  Helping protect high-quality sunglasses is what we do. The perfect gift for the Federal Law Enforcement Officer in your life is just this.

5. Leather Organizer Bag

Put a little extra strong arm in the Federal Agent’s law with this Leather Organizer Bag.  Federal Law Enforcement Officers are known for having a lot of small miscellaneous gear with them that doesn’t have a perfect place to fit… until now.

6. Large Leather Portfolio

When Federal Law Enforcement Agents are not out and about saving the day, they can usually be found in highly classified meetings planning the next operation.  This large leather portfolio is the perfect leather folder for Federal Agent’s confidential documents. A rugged piece of full-grain leather, the Leather Portfolio is a great corporate gift for all those restricted meetings they attend.  And it can hold a laptop and an iPad too.

7. Leather Toiletry Bag

Federal Agents travel a high percentage of the time.  That’s why this Leather Toiletry Bag is a solid corporate gift choice for all those bathroom companion items people carry around.  You can’t go wrong gifting this leather travel bag, truly. It is one of the most popular selling leather bags we offer.

8. Front Pocket Leather Backpack

Gifting Federal Law Enforcement Officers a leather laptop backpack is perfect for their everyday needs, particularly if they are out and about for a few days.  This leather laptop backpack is roomy enough for essential gear and a couple of changes of clothes. You can’t go wrong gifting this leather backpack, it’s sure to be a Federal Agent crowd-pleaser.

9. Front Pocket Leather Briefcase

Don’t be surprised if you google “The FBI’s most wanted?” and see a picture of this full-grain leather briefcase.  Not just for the FBI, we’re pretty confident this leather laptop bag would be high on any Federal Agent’s most wanted list.  Especially if they have to go undercover as a cool guy in the know.

10. Side Pocket Leather Duffle Bag

If your federal agent goes undercover and is supposed to blend in and not be noticed, then this is an awful gift for them. Everybody is going to notice it and distract them with questions. This high-quality English Gladstone Bag style leather overnight bag is the perfect duffle bag corporate gift.  This gift will be one of your special agent’s favorite stories.

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