The Corporate Gifts Guide for Lawyers

A lawyer told us the story that after a long hard trial, the judge called him to approach the bench. The attorney thought the judge was going to chew his butt out, but instead asked him, “Hey, where’d you get that briefcase?”

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This is our guide to the top ten best corporate gifts for lawyers:

1. Leather Pocket Constitution of the United States of America

Every lawyer needs to keep a leather constitution in their front pocket. And some federal judges need it more than others. It’s a great conversation starter and super great for a gift as someone is deliberating using you after their free consultation at your business.

2. Leather Briefcase

A lawyer who wants to win over new clients, judges and juries needs show them that they are relatable. So they need to carry things like a quality and respectable briefcase or leather laptop bag, but not rich looking or flashy. When someone really tries to show everybody that they have are successful and have a lot of money, they just think they’re cocky and have low self esteem. The ideal corporate gift just needs to doesn’t scream “I”. They just need to know that you’re into solid quality.

3. Leather Portfolio

The one thing that every lawyer uses every single day is a pen and a pad of paper. Why not give them the gift of a quality good looking leather portfolio to hold that paper. It’ll become one of their most prized possessions as it ages and fills full of memories. This one will be fought over long after their lawyering is done.

4. Leather Coasters

An easy, yet effective way to get across to potential clients that they are classy, concerned with quality and care about the details is to lay those sorts of things around the office for potential clients to see. A good set of leather coasters communicates just that. Put them on the conference table, front desk. or in the waiting area for when a potential new client comes in for that free consultation. How’s that for a corporate gift.

5. Leather Business Card Holder

What do you call a lawyer with a generic forgettable business card holder? A lawyer with not as much business as the one who pulled their card out a nice old weathered leather business card holder that starts conversations and establishes relationships every time they pull it out.

6. Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Since lawyers are always wearing dress pants, they need a slim wallet that doesn’t bulge. We call these one of our Slim Front Pocket Wallets. Unless, of course, their clients regularly pay in cash and then they’ll need one our larger leather wallets.

7. Doctor’s Leather Duffle Bag

Lawyers work hard and so their downtime is usually spent relaxing hard, not in front of a TV. Encourage them to get some quality family time by giving them this incredibly handsome leather duffle bag. It has that mid 1800’s English classic Gladstone closure and look.

8. Leather Valet Tray

A handsome place to put their most valuable or important everyday carry items. Some put it on their desks and some put it on their dresser. But either way, these are one of our most favorite little leather things.

9. Leather Desk Pad

If it’s ugly, put leather on it. That especially goes for desks, coffee tables and boring lawyer desks. When it comes to gifts, give them something that they’ll use everyday and that will make their time at work more enjoyable.

10. Leather Laptop Backpack

For the lawyer who travels a lot, get them something they can be proud to travel with and get compliments on. There is a spot for their laptop in the back and then plenty of space for other travel necessities.

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