Corporate Gifts for Military Personnel


There are a lot of questions we are asked about gifts for military personnel. What is a good gift for military retirement? What is a good gift for Army basic training graduation gift? What do you give a soldier before deployment? Is it customary to give a gift at a military promotion ceremony? The answer is yes. Whether they’re in the Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, National Guard or Coast Guard, they deserve to be honored with gifts even if there is no special occasion. And what better way to honor them than with a leather gift.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for military personnel:

1. Leather Document Holder

What do you give a soldier before deployment? It’s a known fact that wherever Military Personnel go, all their documents go with them.  So, this leather document holder is the perfect leather gift to help keep deployed soldiers organized with all their orders, notes, lists and other Military records all in one place.

2. Leather Passport Wallet

Gifting Military Personnel who travel all over the world with a leather passport wallet is a no-brainer.  And as a cool bonus, this leather passport wallet has a thin layer of RFID blocking material to stop foreign agents from scanning wallets and hacking credential information.

3. Leather Cash Receipt Bag

Sunglasses, pens, passports, yellow cards, cards or cash, you name it, it holds it. This is such a versatile bag they’ll take it everywhere and use it for something. It’s one of those gifts that will live on for a lifetime or two. They’ll love it, I promise, Scout’s honor.

4. Leather Organizer Bag

Figuring out the perfect gift for friends, family, and colleagues who serve us in the Military, just got easier.  Military Personnel are known to carry quite a bit of tool gadgets, batteries, and other small electronics. Help the GI’s in your life stay organized by gifting this impressive small leather bag that will work for everything.

5. Leather Portfolio

When Military Personnel isn’t deployed, you can find them serving on Military Bases in all sorts of official capacities.  This leather portfolio is the perfect leather gift for Military Personnel’s sensitive and top-secret documents. It’s built with just one solid piece of full-grain leather that will add an extra layer of prestige to every classified meeting they attend.

6. Leather Pistol Wrap

Whether on assignment or home for a stretch, this full-grain leather pistol holder makes into a gun rug on the range or for keeping their gun nice and dry during storage. It is designed with airflow and sheepskin, which wicks away moisture from guns. The perfect gift for military personnel to safely store and transport their firearms.

7. Leather Toiletry Bag

People in the military, travel for a living.  That’s why this small leather bag is the perfect leather gift for Military Personnel. You literally can’t go wrong gifting this leather bag, it is one of the most popular selling leather bags we offer and can be used as an ammo bag, personal first aid bag or to keep tools.

8. Front Pocket Leather Backpack

Gifting your Military Personnel with a leather laptop backpack is perfect for all their temporary duty assignments (TDY).  Whether using it out in the field or short-term leave for respite, this leather backpack has room to carry all Military Service Member essentials, along with a couple of changes of clothes. And there are times when they need to not be in camo.

9. Front Pocket Leather Briefcase

A little known fact about carrying things in the military; if it is a laptop bag, it must be black. If this is a retirement gift then it can be any of our colors to help them right along to start their next career.

10. Side Pocket Leather Duffle Bag

Not many people in the military traveling for leisure in cool or remote places around the world should or want to stuff all of their gear into a military issue duffle type bag. They’ll want to carry something that fits who they are and does it in style.

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