Corporate Gifts for Orthodontists


The Corporate Gifts Guide for Orthodontists

An orthodontist gets most of their business from word of mouth. It’s what they need to be wired for. If people like them, they’ll buy from them and send people to them. Gifting leather corporate gifts for orthodontists is a big help in that direction. Patients seeing leather around helps them connect.

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Here are our top ten most popular leather corporate gifts for orthodontists they’ll hold onto:

1. A Leather Valet Tray

Empty pockets are what orthodontists need while on their feet for most of their day. Give them a leather valet tray for a corporate gift for their desk. They’ll use it everyday to empty their pockets into first thing in the morning or maybe for their dresser to empty them first thing when they get home.

2. Leather Organizer Bag

Our leather organizer bag is one of the favorite corporate gifts for executives because it has a thousand uses and they won’t re-gift it. They’ll keep and use your gift for years. They’ll use it to organize their cables and cords in their briefcase or maybe use it as an essentials first aid kit in their car. Either way, this corporate gift will get used for years.

3. Leather Toiletry Bags several sizes

Dentists always have need of smaller leather bags like this leather toiletry bag. It can be used for toiletries while traveling or for their tools of the trade. This one can be used for personal or business.

4. The Big Mouth Leather Duffle Bag (Coming Soon)

This metal framed leather bag is like one of those old fashioned leather doctor’s bags, but used as a classic small leather duffle bag. Whether it’s a personal or corporate gift, they’ll remember who gave it to them for the rest of their life.

5. The Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag

This small classic leather Doctor’s Bag is a little pricey, but one of our most favorite gifts for friends, family and for corporate gifts. Leather tool bags are popular with all men whether you’re a dentist or not. Definitely something that will never be given away.

6. The Leather Briefcase

Dentists don’t carry a briefcase from patient to patient, but they do work on their business using a laptop. What kind of a laptop bag are they carrying? Is it a generic giveaway junk corporate gift briefcase from a tradeshow? A leather briefcase is the ideal leather corporate gift for anyone who has a laptop.

7. The Leather Portfolio

Dentists do a whole lot more than just drill on and pull out teeth. They have a business to take care of too. And they go to business conferences and meetings outside of their clinic. Give them something they’ll carry with pride and that will speak to the quality of a person they are, without them ever saying a word. If you want to give a corporate gift for dentists that will bring them respect, give them a nice leather portfolio.

8. Doctor’s Leather Duffle Bag

Give our dentists a desire to take time off by giving them a really cool leather duffle bag. This duffle bag is an old fashioned style of corporate gift for dentists that anyone of them will cherish. Remember, the goal of gifting is not for them to receive something that they use sometimes, but to show them how much you value and appreciate them. They won’t be re-gifting this one.

9. The Leather Desk Pad Set

Dentists spend a lot of time sitting at a desk working on their business. Most people don’t realize that most dentists are business people, not just tooth pullers. Giving them a leather desk pad that will age with time and be with them for the rest of their lives, is one of the best gifts you can give them.

10. Leather Mouse Pad

“A leather mouse pad”, you say? How is that a great corporate gift? This is important. Listen to me. You’re going after “desk time”. If you could give them something that will sit on their desk that they’ll look at for the next 30 years and remember you, wouldn’t that be grand? I think this is the purpose. A quality leather mouse pad is something simple yet worth of desk time.

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