Corporate Gifts for Pastors

The Corporate Gifts Guide for Pastors that will make their friends sin

Pastors really love Saddleback Leather because we have the same heart and purpose. Sadly, most pastors don’t buy nice things for themselves, for three reasons. They’re broke, they pridefully reject earthly goods and riches or they’re avoiding the appearance of financial impropriety. But they would gladly receive a blessing from the Lord via... you. Here’s your chance help make them more relatable to everyone around them. And if you want to take your church on an easy, safe and impacting mission trip to Rwanda with the owners of Saddleback Leather, please contact us.

This is the leather gift guide of our top ten favorite corporate gifts for pastors:

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

1. Leather Portfolio

Pastors write a lot. They meet with their teams, congregants and other pastors all week long. They do sermon prep and write down important thoughts in meetings. A leather portfolio is a great and useful corporate gift for pastors.

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2. Leather Briefcase

Pastors meet a lot of important people throughout the week and there is nothing like a high quality not flashy leather briefcase to help establish rapport quickly. A leather briefcase or laptop bag is something they use every single day of their lives. They deserve a quality leather briefcase as a corporate gift.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

3. Leather Valet Tray

Leather in the office helps make them into a regular relatable guy. Not just a super religious sinless spiritual giant. Slap a leather valet tray on their desk for them to put their keys, pens, coins, wallet and stuff like that and they’ll love you for it. It’s one of our most popular corporate gifts we offer for nightstands too.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

4. Leather Desk Pad

Church offices aren’t known for being cool places to hang out in. They’re usually purely utilitarian and not really an exciting place to be. Put a leather desk pad in there and watch what happens. This corporate gift will make the place they spend most of their time in, more enjoyable.

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5. Leather Coasters

A little detail that most people won’t even notice, but they will, is if the put a set of leather coasters on their desk or on the coffee table in their office. They’re an easy corporate gift for pastors to bring a little more joy into their lives. They do well on conference tables too.

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6. Front Pocket Leather Wallet

While entertaining the unchurched, their wallet can be a conversation starter to help win them over. Of course, God would have already been drawing them in, so that helps too. But He would have used that wallet.

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7. Leather Organizer Bag

This is also one of the most popular corporate gifts for pastors. More people probably won’t get saved because of it, but it just helps them keep their cables and knick knacks organized in their briefcase or backpack or in their desk. Some even use it as a cool little first aid kit or leather toiletry bag.

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8. Leather Laptop Backpack

If the pastor is also a traveling speaker too, then they spend a lot of time in airports and need a laptop backpack to keep their hands free. One hand with their coffee and one hand with their phone. I’m not sure if there could be a better corporate gift for a traveling pastor preacher speaker than a high quality leather backpack?

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

9. The Waterbag Leather Duffle Bag

There is no pastor out there who doesn’t need a leather duffle bag for one of these three reasons: 1. To get away with their #1 ministry, their family. 2. Go on mission trips. 3. Travel for speaking. So why not give them our number one best selling and favorite of all leather duffle bags? It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for when it comes to corporate gifts.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

10. Leather Mouse Pad

Surprisingly, this is one of our best selling corporate gifts too. Even if they don’t use a mouse much anymore, believe you me, they’ll find some use for it on their desk. It’s just plain cool to have leather in your office.