Corporate Gifts for Pilots


The Leather Corporate Gifts Guide for Pilots

Our long lasting durable leather goods are tougher than a black box. And if there were ever someone who’s life depended on their gear working, it’s a pilot. They spare no expense when buying their gear and nor do we when building them. For if their life ever needed to depend on their gear, let it be a Saddleback Leather corporate gift to pilots.

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Here are our top eleven best leather corporate gifts for pilots or those who spend a lot of time with them:

1. Indiana Leather Satchel

This leather satchel and the waxed canvas Indiana satchel are both the exact same size as Indiana Jones carried. The perfect corporate gift for any “just in case” kind of man to carry the necessities to keep his family and himself alive and safe. And you can light up the waxed canvas satchel to start a long lasting fire in case survival is required.

2. Leather Moleskine Journal Cover

Pilots are all about keeping solid notes. They have to. Especially private pilots. Could there be a more appropriate corporate gift for pilots that a Leather Moleskine Journal Cover? Their journals stay with them long after they fill it up and so should their cover.

3. Leather Luggage Tag

A pilot is in airports A LOT and so give a corporate gift for pilots that pertains to travel. When they absolutely need to check a common looking bag, let it be easy to be differentiated it from the masses with our distinct looking leather luggage tag hanging from it.

4. Leather Flight Bag

There was no luck involved in making this high quality leather briefcase. It was purposefully designed and built to last for pilots in mind. This leather flight bag stays open so they can reach into it at a moment’s notice. The leather flight bag briefcase is the ideal corporate gift for any pilot in the flight world, especially a pilot who lives in tight spaces.

5. Leather iPad Case

An iPad is something most pilots use on a daily basis. Why buy them a cheap Hello Kitty fake leather iPad case when their life depends on it their gear working year after year. Buy them one of our leather iPad cases as a corporate gift and make them happy happy.

6. Front Pocket Card Wallet

Pilots aren’t into carrying extra cargo and they wear clothes with a lot of slim little pockets. Hmm… sounds like peanut butter and chocolate. They belong together. This corporate gift for pilots is a slim minimalist wallet is unnoticeable in their clothes and so comfortable to fly with. The last thing a pilot wants is a thick wallet in their pocket while in their tight cockpit.

7. Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag

This works as a survival kit, first aid kit, tool bag or as a true minimalist’s duffle bag. A solid leather tool bag is a great corporate gift for pilots, never to be re-gifted.

8. Leather Duffle Bag

Commercial pilot’s travel so much that it makes sense to give them a corporate gift for pilots like our best selling and most versatile Waterbag. It’s made from just one piece of leather and can fit pretty much anywhere. It’s a duffle bag they’ll use for their entire career every night they’re away from home.

9. Small Leather Portfolio

What every pilot needs to log and take notes. This leather portfolio is old fashioned but classic and the perfect corporate gift for pilots. This one will be handed down to their children long after they’re too old to fly safely.

10. Fire Starter Kit

Pilots are “just in case” kind of folks and this fire starter kit is for exactly the corporate gift for them. It’s maybe our coolest thing. They’ll keep it in their private cockpit or in the glove box of their car. It’s just a cool thing to have, even if it’s never used. And hopefully it’ll never need to be.

11. Hardsided Leather Carry On Luggage

When it’s something that will be used all the time, for years and years, then get them something that will last and even look better with use. The hardsided leather carry on luggage will bring them years of pleasure and respect, along with hundreds of compliments. It’s an expensive corporate gift for pilots, but not soon forgotten.

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