The Corporate Gifts Guide for Politicians

Rumor has it, that Saddleback Leather bags are not hard to spot in Washington D.C. Even the White House Chief of Staff has been seen with his Saddleback bags. But a politician’s potential voters, supporters and staff need only 3 to 5 seconds to decide if they like them or not. They have to appear relatable, dependable and honest, among other things and there’s nothing like a leather corporate gift from Saddleback to contribute to their brand detail. Every little bit helps with such high stakes.

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Our leather corporate gift guide for politicians is our top ten best gifts you could give them:

1. A Leather Business Card Holder

A nice looking aged and broken in leather business card holder is one of the most important little corporate gifts you can give a politician. It’s the sum of the cool things they associate with that shapes their brand. It’s a conversation starter for sure.

2. Leather Portfolio

Imagine they sit down with a bigtime potential donor and the politician pulls out their old broken in leather portfolio to take notes and explain things. The smiling donor, impressed by the coolness of his leather portfolio, says, “That’s a great looking portfolio. Where’d you get it?” They talk about it and other old leather things for awhile and that’s that. If they like you, they’ll buy from you.

3. Leather Briefcase

A flashy and super expensive rich people briefcases are not relatable. Low quality indistinguishable black nylon briefcases are bad for the brand too. An obviously high quality dependable briefcase with character like Saddleback’s is the ideal corporate gift to build a politician’s strong personal brand.

4. Leather Valet Tray

We understand that a professional look with suit and tie can instill confidence, but being just like everybody else doesn’t. A leather valet tray to keep their wallet, keys, pens and coins on their desk will warm up the office. And if they don’t use it at the office, they’ll put your little corporate gift on their nightstand. It’s one of our best sellers.

5. Leather Desk Pad Set

If their desk is boring, put leather on it. Our leather desk pads make everything look more interesting. And there’s just something about sets of 3 in design. It includes a large leather desk pad, a medium place mat sized leather mouse pad and a normal leather mouse pad. Together, they make any desk look fantastic. When you’re thinking about buying corporate gifts, get something they’ll use everyday at their home or business office.

6. Leather Coasters

A small detail that’s part of the big “quality” picture are our leather coasters. They’re an easy corporate gift for constituents to comment on when in conference rooms and waiting in offices.

7. Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Since politicians are usually wearing dress pants, the last thing they need is a bulky thick Kastanza wallet. Why not give them a thin and slim front pocket wallet that doubles as a conversation starter. Not surprisingly, our wallets end up looking so good, that owners get compliments on them all the time.

8. Leather Organizer Bag

This is one of our most popular corporate gifts for politicians to receive and to give out in large numbers because it’s lightweight and has a million uses. There is no more versatile and functional piece than this. They’re used to organize cords and cables in briefcases and even as a leather toiletry bag on short business trips. In the office, home or in the car, they’ll be using it.

9. Leather Laptop Backpack

Politicians travel and the last thing they need to be seen with is a generic looking black nylon backpack. Backpacks are widely accepted now for professionals to travel with, so boost the brand with a quality leather backpack. Could there could be a better corporate gift for politicians?

10. The Waterbag Leather Duffle Bag

There is no politician out there who doesn’t need a great leather duffle bag for travel. This leather weekend bag is our most popular and best selling corporate gift travel bag for a number of reasons. But mainly because it can be cinched down tight when it’s full or empty to keep clothes folded and in place and is the perfect carry on size for the US or Europe.

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