Corporate Gifts for Professors

A Leather Corporate Gifts Guide for Professors

Professors are respected members of our society and so held to a higher standard. They need to act and dress in a respectable manner as well as associate with respectable things. Leather is one of those. It commands respect just by its nature. Help the professor in your life out by getting them one of these leather corporate gifts for professors.

Here are our top ten most popular leather corporate gifts guide for professors:

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

1. Leather Portfolio

Every professor carries paper and a pen to jot down thoughts and questions to ask later. Could there be a more useful corporate gift for professors than a leather portfolio that screams enduring quality?

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

2. Leather Valet Tray

In order to keep their desk organized a little better, give them a good leather valet tray to keep their little knick knacks, coins and keys in while sitting in their office or on their night stand at home. Our leather valet trays are one of the favorite and most used corporate gifts to make them enjoy their office more.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

3. Leather Desk Pad

Sadly, most professors’ offices don’t have hundreds of years of history and are horribly boring. What we say at Saddleback Leather is, “If it’s ugly, put leather on it”. A nice leather desk pad is a GREAT corporate gift for any professor’s office.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

4. Bear Trap Leather Pen Case

Since most professors carry multiple pens and mechanical pencils, a very satisfying and fun way to help them organize is our leather pen case. It’s a great corporate gift for professors.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

5. Briefcase

A good mentor teaches their students and, if needed, uses words. Constantly being seen with a quality briefcase instead of a cheap dignity sucking conference giveaway is one of those lessons that is better caught than taught.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

6. Leather Laptop Backpack

Professors don’t travel much, but they walk around campus a lot. If the most popular bag of college students is a backpack, wouldn’t it make sense that the most popular corporate gift for professors could get would be a high quality leather backpack?

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

7. Leather Organizer Bag

If you don’t have a load of money to drop on corporate gift for professors, then give them one they’ll be thankful for and use daily. It’s one of our most popular corporate gifts because it’s so versatile and functional.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

8. Leather Mouse Pad

Did you know that there are over 1,000,000 searches for “Mouse Pad” each month on Google? It’s an underestimated corporate gift for professors or anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk. Believe me, even if they don’t use a mouse for their computer, they’ll find some way of using it. Our leather mouse pads are cool.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

9. Doctor’s Leather Duffle Bag

One of our favorite corporate gifts for professors who lecture and travel abroad. This leather duffle bag is an old fashioned design, inspired by the old Gladstone Bag created in mid-1800’s England. It’s a respected man’s travel bag, to put it mildly.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

10. Leather Pocket Constitution of the United States of America

If a professor pulls a copy of the most important piece of literature that the United States has, out of their shirt pocket and quotes from it, their students will stand up to salute. It’s a great respect getter and conversation starter for any professor.