The Corporate Gifts Guide for Realtors

Potential clients need only 3 to 5 seconds to size up the person they’re thinking of doing business with. And a great realtor takes advantage of every opportunity and cares about every detail to win over the client with a solid first impression. Sometimes that’s at a coffee shop and sometimes it’s at their desk. A solid leather corporate gift for a realtor will go a long way towards their success.

Our leather guide is of our top ten favorite corporate gifts for realtors:

This is the interior of a tan brown leather business card holder wallet.

1. Leather Business Card Holder

This is not a joke. What do you call a realtor without a leather business card holder or with a generic one? Answer: A realtor who goes without. It’s one of those little details that sticks with people if they pull their business card out of an old weathered conversation starting leather business card holder or if they pull it out of a generic vinyl crap one. You get what you pay for.

This is a tan brown leather portfolio open.

2. Leather Portfolio

If they want to further impress the potential client, they’ll need to pull out the worn and weathered leather portfolio you gave them as a corporate gift 15 years ago and take some notes. Whether or not the realtor uses it, they need to carry it to establish rapport and start conversations quickly.

This is a tan brown leather briefcase with a flap over the front.

3. Leather Briefcase

Their “Don’t Judge Me” rib tattoo is of no help if the real estate agent is carrying a dignity sucking generic tradeshow nylon or vinyl or cheap leather giveaway briefcase. It has the same effect as pulling up to a client in a beat up dirty old hooptie. Trust is the name of the game. Show some love with a quality leather briefcase as a corporate gift.

4. Leather Valet Tray

If potential clients see their office, then get them a leather valet tray to keep their desk tidy. It’s a handsome place to put their wallet, keys, pens and coins. And if they don’t use it at the office, they use their cool little corporate gift on their nightstand. It’s one of our best sellers.

This is a leather desk pad with a laptop and a mouse on it.

5. Leather Desk Pad

If their desk is just not all that cool, but leather on it. Our leather desk pads actually stand out more when they’re in a boring office or on a plain desk. When you’re thinking about buying corporate gifts, give them something they’ll enjoy everyday.

6. Leather Coasters

A little detail that is part of the bigger “quality” picture are the leather coasters. They’re an easy corporate gift that clients can see and comment on. They do well on conference tables too.

This is the front of a full tan brown leather wallet.

7. Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Again, while entertaining clients, even their wallet can be a conversation starter and help win them over. Our smaller front pocket wallets have surprisingly turned out to be one of the pieces that people get the most compliments on. They write in to tell us.

This is a small tan brown leather organizer bag made of one piece of leather with a wrap around cord to close it. It is emptied.

8. Leather Organizer Bag

This is one of our more popular corporate gifts for realtors is the leather organizer bag. We may sell more of these than any other design because of its versatility. It’s a very functional gift that has a thousand uses and doesn’t sink the company’s budget ordering large quantities of them at once. They work well organizing cables and accessories in the briefcase, as a small leather toiletry bag or as an essentials first aid kit at home.

This is a picture of a red brown lightweight leather backpack from the front side view. It is the color of bacon.

9. Large Leather Backpack

If this is a commercial realtor then they may travel a lot more. And the airports are filled with business travelers with laptop backpacks on their backs. I’m not sure if there could be a better corporate gift for a real estate broker or agent who travels than a high quality leather backpack?

This is a tan brown leather duffle bag with three straps on front to hold overnight travel gear.

10. The Waterbag Leather Duffle Bag

There is no realtor out there who doesn’t need a great leather duffle bag. You may think I’m stretching it here, but this leather duffle bag is our number one best selling overnight bag. But the thing about this as a corporate gift, is it useful just now and then. It’s not a daily use bag, but it does make a statement and start conversations at corporate events.