Therapists, Counselors and Psychologists will go crazy for a gift like this because they aren’t bulletproof. They need to be encouraged, recognized and valued too. If you appreciate how they’ve helped you, personally or professionally, don’t give them a dysfunctional corporate gift, but rather a highly functional one. And one they’ll keep.

Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for therapists and counselors:

1. Leather Cash and Receipt Bag

This versatile leather bag can be used for a lot more than just receipts and cash. Therapists will use this small leather bag for glasses, pens, makeup, cell phones, multiple passports and all sorts of knick-knacks. With a leather corporate gift for counselors such as this, you can’t go wrong.

2. Leather Coin Purse

This cool little leather coin purse is the perfect place for coins to call home whether in their car or in their laptop bag. A leather pouch corporate gift is a sure winner, especially for Psychiatric Nurses in a hospital setting. Say no to jingling pockets.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

3. Leather Organizer Bag

This versatile Leather Bag is one of our most popular leather corporate gifts. Since it’s a simple full-grain leather bag that can be used for just about anything, it will never be regifted. It’s sure to be one of their leather treasures for years.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

4. Leather Coasters

When picturing Therapists at their desks, what do you envision? Sips of coffee while conversing with patients of course. What better way to foster meaningful conversation than with quality leather coasters? Leather coasters are the perfect corporate gift for Counselors for either their home or work office.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

5. Leather Portfolio

A great leather portfolio is a must for any counselor or therapist who sees patients. Their whole job requires them to take notes and to jot down the questions that come to mind so they don’t forget to ask them later. It’ll be their favorite daily companion for the rest of their career.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

6. Leather Toiletry Bag

Psychiatrists are doctors who often attend seminars and conferences to keep their licenses up-to-date. That’s why this small leather toiletry bag is the perfect corporate gift for therapists. An excellent choice that is sure to be a big winner for doctors and all their staff.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

7. Leather Desk Pad Set

Your valued Therapist spends a lot of time at their desk and where Counselors sit is at the heartbeat of healing. Why not add a little extra style and rhythm to their space with a high-quality leather desk set that includes a normal sized leather mouse pad, a large leather mouse pad, and leather desk pad? It’s a corporate gift for psychologists that’s guaranteed to not only impress, but their client’s as well.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

8. Leather Briefcase

You for sure don’t want clients seeing them get their leather portfolios and laptops out of some generic giveaway tradeshow laptop bag or briefcase. This leather briefcase is a corporate gift for therapists that will give them even more credibility than all of those letters after their name. It’s insanely perfect.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

9. Leather Backpack

A leather backpack is the new laptop bag, which makes this corporate gift for psychologists the most versatile one you could get them. Whether commuting to work, traveling for higher education conferences or getting away to nature for rejuvenation, this leather backpack is what the doctor ordered. They’ll go nuts for it and for you too.

This is the leather coin purse showing all colors

10. Doctor's Leather Duffle Bag

Make this leather duffle bag their new happy place. Mental Health Professionals experience burnout too. What better way to uplift Counselors then to give a high-quality leather corporate gift? This English Gladstone Bag style leather overnight bag pairs perfectly for those much-needed boost of well-being.