Reusable Cloth Face Masks - Pack of 5

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
400 units

Product Overview

These face masks ightly woven double layer 100% cotton black or blue face masks is what the CDC recommends everybody wear. If it is not at least a 5 oz. 100% cotton fabric, then it will look nice but will not protect you nor others very well. PLEASE, whether you buy ours or others, make sure they are made of cotton. These masks are meant to keep you from spreading the Coronavirus if you have it, but there is no guarantee of it keeping you from getting sick by wearing it. 

And if there were ever a time in your life to support your neighbor by buying the goods they make, that time is now. If you do, then they'll have money to spend on whatever your company you work for or own is offering. The fastest way to speed up our economy right now is to buy from your neighbor. Buy American made goods or from Canada or from Mexico. They are our neighbors. If your neighbor's yard is not healthy then that affects your yard too. If they have stickers and weeds, then yours will too. It's time to pull together to help each other out here in North America as much as possible and this is a huge one. If no one is offering a quality solution to what you're looking for, then look offshore, but otherwise, forego the most convenient or lowest price option to lift up your neighbor today. Supporting your neighbor is indirectly but emphatically supporting yourself and your family too.

To learn more about this CDC Spec Face Mask, click here to see more pics and to understand more about face masks. Which face mask to buy? What are the differences? How to keep your glasses from fogging up when wearing a face mask? And much more.

Face Masks are available to buy in Packages of 5.

*For Orders of more than 80 packs (400 masks), please email for a quote or fill out the form below to be contacted directly.*

WHEREVER YOU BUY A FACEMASK, MAKE SURE IT IS 100% TIGHTLY WOVEN COTTON. The CDC says to. ONLY use 100% cotton. If it is some sort of very photogenic cotton blend then it is not nearly as protective for you or others around you. PLEASE make sure it is made with two layers of 100% tightly woven cotton. 

For the specs, pics and to learn all you could ever imagine about our face masks, then check them out here 

At the end of each week, we receive a truck or two full of reusable washable cloth face masks. The next truck will have thousands available. This week's truck was sold out. We ship the orders for those who bought them first.

Face Masks are non-returnable items and our 100-year warranty that we have on our leather goods, does not apply. Nor does our slogan, "They'll fight over it when you're dead". We figured it wouldn't be a good idea.

We all need the work and we're producing quality reusable face masks and isolation gowns. If you don't buy from us, then buy from someone in Canada, the US or Mexico. If your neighbor's yard has weeds and stickers in it then yours will too. If your neighbor's yard is healthy then yours will be healthier too. If there's any time we all need to support our neighbor, it's now.

These durable and reusable cloth face masks were designed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and professionally manufactured by us according to the CDC’s specifications at our leather factory in Mexico. There are two layers of protective washable and reusable cotton according to the CDC’s specifications for personal protective use. We have a tie behind the head version for big heads and big hair. There are literally boatloads of cheap low-quality reusable cloth face masks coming here from China right now that are not two layers of cotton and therefore not very protective, but they'll look nice. 

If you'd like to place a bulk order, please fill out the form below and our team will reach out to you.