A normal Ambassador Program is a marketing tactic where a company finds a well known influencer and pays them to introduce their followers to the company, in hopes they buy what the company is selling or doing. Our Reverse Ambassador Program is the complete opposite. We introduce our customers, for free, to people who carry Saddleback Leather goods, in hopes you buy into what they’re doing and share in the blessings they’re getting too. These are people who are really good at loving people around the world in great ways, so I thought some of you would want to know about them so you are inspired to do something too or so you can support them in one of these ways that they desperately need:

1. Encourage them
2. Pray for them
3. Go join them
4. Support them financially
5. Have them come share their story with your organization

Episode 1 - Austin & Tate

Episode 2 - Miles

Episode 3 - Joe

Episode 4 - Ciaran

Josh Holt

A Word from Austin and Tate Bonnema

We are Austin and Tate Bonnema, missionaries with Overland Missions in Zambia and are a part of the Chief Chaplaincy program in Sub-Saharan Africa.


In many nations of Africa, the tribal leaders, the chiefs, are still recognized and carry authority amongst the people. The people follow the direction and leading of their chief. Therefore, if the chief follows Jesus Christ, so do the people.

Because we can see that leaders in the Bible had a man or women of God by their side to counsel them, we have started installing chaplains as the spiritual advisors to all the chiefs in Zambia. The chaplains are chosen by the chiefs to pray for the chief, advise them in spiritual matters, and share the Word of God with them. Because of the counsel of the chaplains, chiefs in Zambia have given their lives to Jesus, turned away from animistic practices, and are now leading their people in a Godly manner. This has opened doors, and the people are receiving the Gospel. The Chief Chaplaincy movement is now expanding into the surrounding nations of Sub-Saharan Africa including Zimbabwe and DR Congo.


Specifically, we travel around the nations to personally visit the chiefs and share the vision of chaplaincy. Once the chiefs have agreed and selected a chaplain, we gather the chaplains to train them in various Biblical topics relating to serving the chiefs as chaplains. We also oversee the management and sustainability of chaplaincy in the nations.


You can join us to help establish Chief Chaplaincy throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. By partnering with us financially, together we are able to reach the chiefs to bring them chaplaincy, train chaplains for the chiefs, and ultimately establish the Kingdom of God in the nations of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Thank you for joining us in bringing the Gospel to the chiefs and chiefdoms of Africa.



Austin and Tate Bonnema