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Our leather tote bags and leather wallets are not just designed to look good, but to look good two generations from now. We believe quality is the most important part of design. And timeless, to be used year after year, not just while the tote bag or purse fad is going on. 

A Leather Purse or other Shoulder Bags or Handbags?

First, if a man is shopping for his lady, let's cover the differences in purses, totes, handbags, and satchels. Most men think a tote or a satchel is a purse, and if you look at an actual purse, you would be surprised. Even some women have not learned, and it is not their fault, department stores and cheap fashion brands have used the purse name for anything a woman might carry her belongings in. I suppose they could be more accurate just calling them all leather handbags or shoulder bags.

Look over our designs above without thinking you are searching for a purse, and look for what you, or she might like to carry around. Chances are, it is a full grain leather tote bag or leather satchel. First, think about whether it will be a shoulder bag or a handbag. Then think about what might be carried in this leather bag. Now let us talk about what makes ours the highest quality leather bags.

We Over-Engineer our Leather Totes and Satchels

When we design our women's leather bags, such as totes and satchels, we always design them to last a lifetime. This means adding the best stitching in all the right places, using the best possible materials, and over-engineering the bag so it can take a beating. We never want one of our customers telling us their bag didn't hold up after a few months, years, or even decades of use. A good quality leather bag should get better with age.

A Full Grain Leather Handbag and Why The Leather Matters

A Full Grain Leather Purse is made of the highest quality leather. It is made from the hide's top layer and has the natural grain intact. Full grain leather is often used in high-end purses because it looks luxurious and has a natural beauty. Full-grain leather is the most expensive type due to its rarity and quality. It looks beautiful, will develop a rich patina over time, and resists moisture over other types of leather. Full grain leather is the only way to go if you are looking for a durable, high-quality leather tote or purse. 

What is a Top Grain Leather Purse or Leather Tote?

A Top Grain Leather Purse uses a type of leather that has been sanded or split to remove the hide's top layer. This leaves behind a thinner, more pliable piece of leather that is weaker and less durable than full grain leather. 

Top-grain leather is often used in lower-end products because it is cheaper to produce. So if you are looking for a leather purse that is lower quality, this is for you. Now, if you really, really want to go cheap, like for that in-law that you can't stand, there's bonded leather. But you won't find that low-quality stuff here.

Why Bonded Leather Handbags or Genuine Leather Bags are Cheaper?

A bonded leather handbag is made from scraps of leather that are glued together. It is the lowest quality leather product and is not as durable as full grain or top grain leather. And a Genuine Leather Purse just means it has leather products in it. Unfortunately, one of the biggest scams in this industry is calling something genuine leather when it's not what you think. Many companies will use PU (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and mix it with some leather dust to make bonded Leather Purses.

So now you know the difference between full grain, top grain, and bonded leather. So when shopping for quality, go beyond genuine leather, and get full grain for the highest quality Leather Totes.

Stitched Together With The Strongest Polyester Thread

Polyester thread is the strongest thread for leather handbags. It is also UV resistant so that it won't degrade in the sunlight like other types of thread. We use polyester thread on our leather totes and satchels because we want them to last a lifetime. Polyester fibers are so strong that they are used in sails and other outdoor gear—the types of things that someone's life could depend on. You can't get any better than polyester threads for a quality thread. I would stay far away from polyester undergarments and sheets, but for leather totes and satchels, it is the best thread you can use.

Several of our Leather Totes are Pigskin Lined

Pigskin lining offers several benefits to a leather tote. To start, it is incredibly soft and smooth, so it won't scratch your things like a rougher lining would. Pigskin is also very strong and durable, so that it will withstand a lot of wear and tear. The pigskin lining is also lighter in color, allowing more light to reflect into your leather purse in low light conditions. This is an excellent lining for those who want the best of both worlds: softness and durability. See, pigskin is stronger than cowhide, which will help your leather tote last longer and keep your things looking great.

Pigskin is also naturally water-resistant, so it will help protect your things from the elements. If you are caught in a storm, or if your tote gets splashed by a wave, the pigskin lining will not be destroyed. Sure, we didn't have to go this far to create the best leather tote, but we spared no expense on the material in the search to design the best leather totes.

316 Stainless Steel Hardware

If you are looking for the strongest, and most durable hardware for your leather tote, look no further than 316 stainless steel. This is the same type of stainless steel that is used in surgical instruments and other high-end products. It is strong, corrosion-resistant, and will not rust or tarnish over time. It should be perfect for your leather tote if it is good enough for medical surgical instruments and marine applications. With maximum corrosion resistance, we will not have to worry about it lasting over 100 years.

We use this type of hardware on all of our leather totes, leather purses, leather satchels, and other leather handbags that might need it because we want them to last a lifetime. We want you to be able to pass your tote down to your children and for them to be able to pass it down to their children. So that is the type of quality that we strive for in all of our designs.

Just like in your collection of jewelry, You deserve the best, so we only use the best materials to make our leather totes. We hope you enjoy using our totes and purses as much as we enjoy making them.

Beyond Just Cute, The Best Leather Tote Bags

We designed the perfect leather tote bag to carry your essentials and stay organized in a classic style. Whether going to the farmer's market or a meeting in another country, no matter the occasion, these will demand attention when you walk into the room. The natural beauty of full grain leather will go with any outfit.

From a Small Leather Purse to a Large Leather Satchel

Some women might only want to carry a few essentials; then, a small leather purse might be perfect. But most women want a little more room to carry their things. That is where our larger bags, leather totes, and satchels come in handy. Our Leather Totes and Satchels are the perfect sizes for those that need to carry a lot with them on a daily basis.

The Best Everyday Carry Bag

If you are searching for a long lasting everyday carry bag, look no further than our selection of leather totes and satchels. These are perfect for those that need to carry a lot with them on a daily basis. From work to play, these bags will make your life easier and go with almost any of your outfits. From an elegant dress to outdoor wear, they are versatile and stylish with your entire wardrobe.

The Best Leather Tote Bag for Work

If you are looking for the best quality leather tote bag for work that is versatile, you can find it here. From a school teacher to a CEO, these are great bags. Some are large enough to carry a laptop, MacBook, or iPad, and some are just right for an iPad mini and other smaller items. So search around our site at the different ones and find the perfect one for you.

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