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14" Horizontal Laptop Sleeve

1.14 lb





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Best laptop sleeve

Fits great, looks great, feels great.

Worth every penny.
6th Jan 2021
Mitchell H.

Beautiful and Perfect

Everything we buy from Saddleback is wonderful. This was no exception. I love it. Fits my laptop perfectly and then it fits get into my saddleback purse.
31st Dec 2020
Anthony E.
This leather laptop sleeve is designed to protect your MacBook Air or 13" MacBook Pro from drops, bumps and other accidents that can cause damage. It also serves as a stylish way to keep documents, paperwork and magazines wrinkle-free when you are travelling.

Why It’s Such A Protective Leather Sleeve For Your MacBook

93% of laptop destruction is caused by dropping the laptop bag it’s contained in - a statistic so striking that you’d almost forget that 95% of figures are fictitious!

When a leather briefcase carrying your computer hits the ground, it can do significant damage. Therefore, we carefully designed this laptop sleeve with an air pocket and protective leather bumper to soften the impact of any drops or falls. This will help keep your laptop safe from potential harm caused by unexpected accidents.

Protect Your Laptop And Your Feelings With A Leather Sleeve

Just like how tremendous damage inflicted upon a person may not be visible, such as hurt feelings, laptops can also suffer from hidden harm. With this in mind, this horizontal leather sleeve is designed to shield your MacBook Air or 14" MacBook Pro when carrying it around. It’s also made to stay snugly within your Leather Briefcase and won’t pop out each time you take out your laptop. Remember: The best kinds of protection come from preventative measures.

Used For More Than Just A Leather MacBook Sleeve

More than just something to keep your laptop safe. This leather laptop sleeve provides the perfect solution for ensuring your documents, paperwork, and magazines remain wrinkle-free while traveling. Just imagine how important those documents will look when they get pulled out of something as classy as this. So call it a MacBook sleeve, or call it a leather document sleeve. Regardless, call it yours and enjoy it until it gets passed down.

The Best Materials and Craftsmanship For Leather MacBook Cases

At Saddleback Leather Co, we have a reputation, and for a good reason. We are serious about quality, from our leather choices, designs, and craftsmanship. When you order a leather sleeve for your MacBook air, you will feel good about it. You will want to secure your MacBook somewhere safe when you checkout. The last thing you want while waiting for it to come in is to get scratches from keeping it in some cheap bag.

We made our leather sleeves from the highest quality full-grain leather and lined with a buttery soft, protective pigskin. This 14" Leather MacBook Sleeve protects and stores your laptop in urban, office, or jungle environments. It is the perfect companion to your MacBook Air or Pro and will provide lasting protection for years to come. The perfect gift for any tech-savvy individual.

Leather MacBook Air Sleeve With Color Options

You might not be a black leather type; maybe you enjoy the tobacco color or even chestnut leather. We got you covered. This leather laptop sleeve has several color options to match your style. It will be a good fit for your laptop and your personality. We keep a good stock of all colors of the MacBook leather sleeve, but there are times that they are selling out faster than we can make them. I recommend if you see the color you want in stock, grab it quickly. If it is out of stock, just enter your email to be notified when it is available to order again.

Details of the Full Grain Leather Sleeve

100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 

14" Sleeve: 13.5" x 10.25" x 0.75"

Weight: 0.80 lbs

Fits new 14" MacBook Pro

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  • Posted by Lionel Y. on 20th Mar 2021
    It's good. At first I
    It's good. At first I tried to use it for a four-year-old 13" MacBook Air, and it was so tight that I couldn't get the computer in and out very easily. I was already waiting for a new computer to come, though, and when it came it was smaller (the newest 13" MacBook Air has the same screen and keyboard size, but is smaller). This one fits in and out of the sleeve easily…too easily. I wish I had the vertical sleeve instead of the horizontal. So other than the size I love it. As usual. Saddleback is great.
  • Posted by Brian R. on 17th Jan 2021
    Good sleeve, but not snug
    Good sleeve, but not snug for my MBP m1. Even with foam I recycled from an other Herschel sleeve it continues to fall out if I pick it wrong.
  • Posted by Mitchell H. on 6th Jan 2021
    Best laptop sleeve
    Fits great, looks great, feels great.

    Worth every penny.
  • Posted by Anthony E. on 31st Dec 2020
    Beautiful and Perfect
    Everything we buy from Saddleback is wonderful. This was no exception. I love it. Fits my laptop perfectly and then it fits get into my saddleback purse.