13" Leather Vertical Laptop Sleeve


Product Overview

The Leather Laptop Sleeve Protective Design
This leather laptop sleeve is going to be with you and protect whichever laptops you own for the rest of your life. And when laptops go away, you'll use it to keep papers and files from getting wrinkled.  

When you slide your laptop into the sleeve, the bottom and one side not only has a ridge of protective thick leather, but a V of air between the laptop and the hard ground. This V Seam Design helps absorb the shocks because not all damage results in a dent, just like not all damage to you results in a bruise. Some of the worst damage happens where you can't see it, by a shock to the laptop or harsh words to you.

To make this leather laptop sleeve, we took one solid piece of full grain leather, glued and sewed durable pigskin to it and then folded it over and sewed it to itself. Where we sewed the two sides to themselves is where the protective V was formed.

So please use one of our leather laptop sleeves and don't speak harshly to your laptop. If you use it in your laptop backpack, you can pull your laptop out without the leather laptop sleeve ever leaving the backpack. And it doubles as a document holder so your files, papers or magazines don't get wrinkled.

The real laptop damage happens when your briefcase drops to the ground and there is only the thin leather buffer of the briefcase or backpack to cushion the fall. Therefore, we designed this leather laptop sleeve to absorb any such drop and yet stay really slim.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
10" x 13.5" x 0.25"
Weight: 0.90 lbs