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Boot Leather iPhone 12 Case

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How It's Made Leather iPhone 14, to 11 Case Review Pro and Max

Boiled Leather iPhone Case Review for iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max and 11

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The leather iPhone case is made with 100% full grain vegetable-tanned leather and will develop a beautiful, rich dark patina over time.

While no magnet exists in this leather iPhone case, it will still work with MagSafe and other wireless chargers. Our fascinating 14 Million view video below shows how the leather craftsman makes it and all that is required to build one of our leather iPhone cases.

We went old school here. Each case is handmade and built with imperfections where they were handcut on the corners based on the judgment of the individual. The Japanese say that imperfect is perfect and call that philosophy Wabi Sabi. Of course, they don't go for that in Toyota. This leather iPhone case process took about one year to perfect and another two years to refine. We now have them the best they've ever been.

Other "Leather" iPhone Cases

I boiled all of the most popular "Leather" iPhone cases in the video below to show you what they're really made of. A plastic case with a leather sticker on it. Would it be right or fair to mix 80% lard with 20% butter and sell it as Rich and Creamy Butter?

Our Leather iPhone Case

Our leather iPhone case is the only 100% SOLID Leather iPhone Case for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max that we know of. By the way, we also make an iPhone 13 pro leather phone case and an iPhone 13 Pro Max leather case. The leather iPhone case is made with 100% full grain vegetable-tanned leather. Not top grain or genuine leather. We use the leather that has the FULL amount of grain for these iPhone cases. The natural lighter color will develop a beautiful, rich dark patina with age and use, specifically with sunlight.

A Leather iPhone Case that Gets Better With Age

Check out my beautiful wife in the video below in Gabon, Central Africa, whale watching in the sun with her leather iPhone case just a couple of months after getting it in the natural leather color. If you're tired of waiting for your leather iPhone case to age, try this simple hack: put some light oil (Olive or Baby Oil work well) on the case and then leave it in direct sunlight or on your car dashboard. Another way to speed up the process is by rubbing the case against oily areas of your face, like near your nose or along your forehead. Try it and see; just don't let anyone see, or they might wonder about you. Furthermore, when you touch it, the oils on your hands should also darken your iPhone case.

Top Reasons Our iPhone Cases Will Protect Your iPhone 12 Better

Our solid leather iPhone case protects better than any other iPhone case you could buy for three reasons. Because our leather is a little thicker than boot leather, it protects like no other. You will eventually drop your iPhone 12, but don't be too worried about it. Keep it protected from drops with this leather case from our full grain leather accessories collection. And slap on a good screen protector as well.

Thick Leather Absorbs Shocks on your iPhone 12

This thick leather case will absorb shocks way better than a hard plastic case does. You're going to drop your iPhone a few times no matter what. Let the leather of the iPhone case absorb the shock rather than the energy of the strike pass through a hard plastic case directly to your $1000 iPhone. You don't need an excuse to upgrade to an iPhone 13, but if you drop and break your iPhone 12, that could be a good one. Just remember, get the leather case for your new iPhone 13 before the phone so that it will be safer from day 1.

Thick Leather Insulates your iPhone 12

It's better than almost anything. On the insulation charts, leather doesn't insulate as well as styrofoam but is better than wood. You don't have to worry about leaving your iPhone up in the direct sunlight of your dashboard to overheat because most of the heat does not pass through our leather iPhone cases. It's amazing how

Thick Leather Takes the Strike on your iPhone 12

The corner takes the scrape and keeps going instead of, like most other "leather" iPhone cases tearing the thin leather sticker to expose the cheap white plastic.

A Rubber Case is for Kids

You are looking at our full grain leather iPhone 12 case because you have successfully subscribed to adulthood. You no longer want a colorful, bouncy, soft, rubbery case because that is for kids. Instead, you want something with some class to it, something substantial in the hand. Like a nice watch or wallet. Something that shows you have made it and you can now enjoy the finer things in life, like a leather iPhone case for your iPhone 12. Even though our price is incredible for the five hours it takes to make one; they don't know that.

Our Leather Cases are Hand Crafted

We show the video up top showing how our leather iPhone cases are handcrafted from start to finish in our workshop. This is not some cheap import where a machine cut it out, and someone slapped a leather sticker on it. Instead, we make these beautiful leather goods one at a time with meticulous attention to detail and quality because we love what we do.

Wireless Charging With A Leather iPhone 12 Case

We make our leather iPhone 12 cases with the perfect thickness of leather. You can still use your iPhone's wireless charging while in our case. Please test it out for yourself and see.

Our Leather iPhone Cases Provide Extra Protection

You know the point when your device falls, and you expect it to have a broken screen. Just a tiny slip, then the drop, and you think about when you went cheap on a phone case. It didn't cost much money and looked pretty good, but now you've got to visit the smartphone repair store. The Apple didn't bounce. We've got you covered with our leather cases. The thick full grain leather will help to dissipate the impact of a fall, and it might just save your device.

A Leather Case That Can Stand The Test of Time

This leather case for your iPhone 12 will last longer than the phone itself. We use thick full grain leather that is vegetable tanned to last a lifetime. If you take care of it, this case could be passed down for generations. Can you imagine having a 100-year-old relic of the most high-tech thing? A radio in a top hat, 1922, fast forward to 2122, an iPhone 12 with a solid built full grain leather iPhone 12 case. Of course, I'm sure you would need to replace the iPhone 12 battery a few times by then.

Each Leather Case is Unique

The natural beauty of leather shines through with our handcrafted leather iPhone 12 cases. You can see the grain of the leather, and each hide is unique. The case you receive will be one-of-a-kind; no two are alike.

The Best Gift For an iPhone 12 User

If you are looking for a gift for someone with an iPhone 12, this is it. This will be the best present they receive because it's not only useful but also beautiful and will last forever.

How To Make The Perfect Leather iPhone 12 Case in 5 Hours

The first step is to cut a piece of full-grain leather from the hide using a stamp. We only use the best leather pieces to ensure your iPhone 12 case is top quality.

We want the leather to be 3mm thin. This will help ensure that the leather case for your iPhone works well with your MagSafe charger. If it's too thick, there could be problems.

Press the stamping pattern into the leather again. This is how we get the leather to the correct size. It's like a cookie cutter, but don't put your fingers under it because it will press them down, and you might make the local news. This pressure with the form makes it the perfect size for your iPhone 12.

Secondary thinning is the next step. Again, our skilled artisan will mark the leather, matching the size of your phone. Finally, we will use a piece of metal that is the same size and thickness as your iPhone 12, 12 pro, 12 pro max, 12 mini, or whichever iPhone you have.

Next, you will need to bring the edges of the leather to the right thickness for the best iPhone case. This is an important step.

Soak the leather for 3 hours. This is an important step that some cheap phone case makers might skip. We make sure to give it enough time to do it properly. There is no rush in this work.

Mark the leather again with where you want the aluminum form to be.

Then, use a second mark to ensure that the aluminum form will be perfectly in the middle.

We will secure the form by placing it in the marked area and clamping it down. This will press it against the leather and keep it in place during the next step.

After securing the iPhone 13 form, the leather worker will start hammering the edges of the leather all around it. This is the beginning of what will make your iPhone 12 fit perfectly in the case.

The leather craftsman will now sew the leather together. This pulls it super tight and helps it hold your iPhone 12 perfectly.

Sew the corners of the full grain leather together. The corners must be pulled extra tight, so we will sew a hole in each corner and pull it tight.

We hammer all around the case to ensure it is a perfect fit.

We will use a manual screw press to keep the shape of the whole thing for 10 minutes.

We dry the full grain leather case at 100 degrees so that the previous soak will evaporate. We do this by going through the conveyer dryer three times.

The leather case is dried for two hours under fans. This makes sure that the leather is completely dry.

Now that the case is just about finished, we can cut away the extra material.

Mark the button locations. This is very important so that the buttons will be in the right place.

Another critical step is creating the ringer/silent switch hole. The case won't be as good if this isn't done correctly. Cutting corners anywhere would make an inferior case.

You will need to make a hole for the camera. It will show up in the pictures if we are off by the slightest margin. We don't want that, so we center the hole perfectly.

You need to grind indentations for your phone case's volume and side buttons. If you don't, it will be hard to press the buttons. This is something that a skilled leatherworker does. But they have to be careful not to grind too much because then all their work would be for nothing.

We want the edges of the phone to be perfect. This will help the iPhone 12 fit smoother, and it will also look good.

Using wax, you can make your phone case look nicer and work better. This will also help it last longer than an iPhone case usually does. So we don't skip this step either.

We put the Saddleback Leather Co logo on your new leather iPhone case.

In the last step, we will apply a coat of wax all around. This will make it look good and feel great in your hand. We then use a hand buffer to polish it until it shines.

Now your iPhone 12 is ready to go! Finally, you have a beautiful, handcrafted, full-grain leather case that will protect your phone and look great doing it. You don't need 1,000 features; you need a smooth-looking classic leather iPhone case that gives the essential feature of protecting your iPhone 12.

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  • Posted by Michael Sena on 19th May 2022
    Great at first but then not so great
    I absolutely loved this product when I first got it. The leather is insanely good, as one would expect from Saddleback Leather. The fit was super tight, it was almost hard to get my phone OUT of the case. It protected my phone from drops and was definitely a statement piece. I honestly still think it was a great purchase.
    HOWEVER - as time goes on, the leather does "give" a little, and the fit becomes less tight. And slowly but surely, the phone starts to move around in the case. And eventually, the case really is just a "slip" and not a secure cover. This happened to me over the course of 6-9 months. I requested a replacement under the warranty, and Saddleback Leather promptly shipped me back a new one. I think I had to send the old one back, which was fine - I want them to make it better. But, the same thing happened again with the replacement version. At that point (this was for an iPhone 11 Pro), I gave up and just went caseless.

    I REALLY miss having this case, but I don't think it's a good use of resources to keep badgering Saddleback Leather for a new one every 1/2 to 3/4 of a year. I don't know if there is a way to incorporate some kind of metal or brace that would keep the edges rigid and taught over the course of 1-2 years? But I really can't see this item lasting as long as my beloved deskwear, bags, or wallet. That's a shame, but perhaps there's no way around it.

    I'd still recommend getting this, but note the caveats above.
  • Posted by Bruce B. on 10th Feb 2022
    I phone 11 case
    I have six products including messenger bag ,the case how ever will allow my phone to drop out of case I just ordered I phone 12 so will try one more time
  • Posted by Barbara L. on 1st Sep 2021
    Not quite a perfect fit IPhone 12 Pro
    The biggest problem with this case is that you can’t plug in your charger without bending the bottom of the case down. I was worried that the leather it was putting undue pressure on the lightning charger and removed the case. It was easy to see the mark on the leather that was left where the leather was rubbing/pushing against the charging cord. I carefully shaved down the leather and used the dremel to buff it clean. The button access are mostly thin spots on the right and left side of the phone except for the mute button which is a cut out. They take a little getting used to but do function. I own a lot of stuff from Saddleback and this is the first thing that was not quite functional and required modification. It is a beautiful though.
  • Posted by Gordon T. on 29th Jun 2021
    Beautiful, functional case...Ordering another one for my next iPhone!
    As an iPhone owner since the 3GS, I've had all manner of cases, and this one is without a doubt my favorite. The leather develops a beautiful patina over time, giving it a rugged, old-fashioned if it's the case Indiana Jones would have on his phone. The leather is thick enough that it's cushioned my phone against numerous drops and I feel confident it'll continue to be well-protected.

    My only gripes with the case are the accidental button presses and slight misalignment. At first the case was so stiff that I could barely press the side buttons, but now it is very easy to accidentally press the sleep-wake button and accidentally trigger a screenshot. Secondly, the edges around the screen and front & rear cameras are slightly misaligned, or have become so over time, but this is not enough to be a real problem...this is a handmade product after all.

    Overall, it's still the best case I've ever had and well worth the money. Ordering a second one this week!!
  • Posted by Yathish k. on 17th May 2021
    most natural look you can ever get and feel
    recieved after much due......worth it
    you can feel the most powerful device breathing in the most natures rugged armour