Corporate Gifts for Administrative Assistants


The Ultimate Leather Corporate Gifts Guide for Administrative Assistant

What does Administrative Assistant do? What don’t they do sums it up better. What would you do if they left? I think we can all agree that their ever efficient and tireless work is invaluable. What better way to show your gratitude than by giving them a quality leather corporate gift. (Love 41, on our site, has more feminine looking versions of these gifts)

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Here are our top ten most desired leather corporate gifts for administrative assistant:

1. Leather Cash and Receipt Bag

This cool leather bag can be used for a lot more than cash and receipts. Administrative Assistants can use this small leather bag for their pens, glasses, cell phones, makeup and all sorts of gadgets. This leather corporate gift can do no wrong. It is the perfect, high-quality super-versatile leather bag to show your support staff how much you appreciate all of their hard work.

2. Leather Coin Purse

Get a gift for Administrative Assistants love and they love organizing. Our little leather coin purse organizes coins and empty the pockets. This leather corporate gift is sure to be a winner. Think of all the good-will this leather coin purse would create. Your staff will line up to donate to those short on change at the office vending machine just to show off this great little leather coin purse. It’s not always about the amount you spend.

3. Leather Organizer Bag

There's nothing worse than Administrative Assistants having to keep track of petty cash receipts and coins in paper envelopes. The leather cash and receipt bag, and leather coin purse will fit perfectly in the leather organizer bag. Whether it’s used for petty cash or a way to organize something else, it’s sure to be corporate gift worthy of some pretty impressive water cooler talk.

4. Leather Coasters

A great little gift for Administrative Assistants has to do with making their space warm and cozy. They’re usually multitasking away at their desk alongside a nice hot cup of coffee.  Leather coasters are the perfect corporate gift for those valuable office professionals for either their home or work office.

5. Leather Portfolio

This leather portfolio is the gift for Administrative Assistants that helps them to organize paperwork and to take notes in meetings and conferences. It is also sure to be a conversation starter that speaks volumes that you notice how hard they work to keep everything in your organization running smoothly.

6. Leather Toiletry Bag

Administrative Assistants are required to wear many hats. That’s why this small leather bag can be used for much more than travel. How about a cool leather clutch or leather purse? Or a place to stash all those office gadgets and knick-knacks? This leather toiletry bag is the perfect leather gift for Administrative Assistants.

7. Leather Desk Pad Set

The Administrator’s desk is the heartbeat of the office and is usually the first thing seen by clients and it’s where the Administrative Assistant spends most of their time. Why not spruce up their space with a high-quality leather desk pad set that includes a leather mouse pad, large leather mouse pad, and leather desk pad? It’s the corporate gift for Administrative Assistants that’s guaranteed work.

8. Leather Briefcase

It doesn’t look good if your upfront people to be digging their things out of some cheap nylon laptop bag or briefcase in front of clients. This leather briefcase is a corporate gift for Administrative Assistants will not only showcase them with style, but will make your company look good.

9. Leather Backpack

A leather laptop backpack is the perfect gift for your Administrative Assistant, whether commuting to work or traveling for weekend conferences. This leather backpack has room to carry all the essentials along with a change of clothes or two. When other Executive Assistants notice your company bought them such a high-quality corporate gift as this leather backpack, it’ll speak volumes that you esteem your people.

10. Doctor's Leather Duffle Bag

What better way to show appreciation for your cherished Administrative Assistant, then gifting an English Gladstone Bag style leather overnight bag for those off-site and weekend away trips? Whether corporate or personal, you can’t go wrong with this leather duffle bag gift, it’s guaranteed to be exactly what the doctor ordered for rest and relaxation.

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