Corporate Gifts for Chefs


Chefs come in all shapes and sizes (literally).  Executive Chef, Head Chef, Sous Chef, and Chef de Partie are the main hierarchy in professionally run, modern kitchens.  Great Chefs are known for their creativity, quality and presentation and that’s why you need to give a gift for Chefs that will let them know they’re important.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for chefs:

1. Leather Cash and Receipt Bag

This cool leather bag is perfect for holding kitchen receipts and petty cash.  Gifting your treasured Chefs with this leather cash and receipt bag is the perfect, high-quality leather corporate gift to show your Chefs or Cooks just how much you appreciate all of their hard work.

2. Leather Organizer Bag

Successful Chefs are organized.  I think we can all agree that without organization, your restaurant wouldn’t run too well.  What better way to show your gratitude than to give your Chefs a quality leather corporate gift?  Gifting a Leather Organizer Bag leather is a smart choice for this profession. Chefs will love this leather bag.

3. Leather Coasters

When Chef are not busy running restaurants, they usually can be found in their own home kitchens creating foodie masterpieces.  What better way to show a shared love of creativity then gifting Chefs with these quality leather coasters? Leather coasters are the perfect corporate gift for designer Chefs to use at home.

4. Wallet

Are you searching for Chef gift ideas?  Chefs are on their feet and walking around. They have to be comfortable. So give them a wallet that they may just forget that it’s in their pocket. Our slim front pocket wallets are just that. They fit several cards and lots of cash, but then you forget it’s there.

5. Leather Portfolio

Accomplished Chefs not only deliver quality, they expect it in return.  So, that is why you can’t go wrong with this leather portfolio is a great corporate leather gift for Chefs. It’s one of those things gifts that they’ll use every day.

6. Leather Toiletry Bag

The exceptional Chefs have their own spice mixtures that they travel with.  This Leather Toiletry Bag is super versatile for things just like that. A specialized corporate gift for Chefs like this will bake in their loyalty to you.

7. Big Mouth Tool Bag

Professional chefs carry their tools from place to place and what better of a way to carry them around than with this leather tool bag. Chefs are creative and always looking for innovative ways to showcase their creativity and style. Could there be a more appropriate gift for chefs than this one?

8. Leather Briefcase

The best Chefs are seen in the brightest spotlights.  Is your Chef a decorated Michelin Star or a recipient of the coveted James Beard Award?  If so, they are in a league of their own. And so are these leather briefcases. One thing about a lot of chefs is they use laptops and manage people too. Hopefully, they don’t cook the books.

9. Leather Backpack

Your top Chefs will agree that this high-quality leather laptop backpack is the perfect corporate gift for their daily commute or short travels.  This leather backpack is roomy enough for all Chef essentials along with a change of clothes or two.

10. Doctor's Leather Duffle Bag

Rejuvenate your gifted Chef with an English Gladstone Bag style leather travel bag.  Chefs work long hours perfecting their culinary craft. This leather duffle bag is a great way to encourage your top Chefs to get away and rest and relax for a day or two.

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