Crossbody Concealed Leather Bag

3.00 lb




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Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
Leather for this leather concealed carry crossbody bag is like a roof. It has different layers but the top layer is the toughest and most resistant. A roof's top layer is called The Shingles. On leather, the top layer is called The Grain. Our leather has the full amount of the grain (full grain), but a lot of cheap leather has no more grain on it. It was either shaved or split off and sold to low quality companies to make purses. You don't want a leather crossbody made with that stuff. Full grain leather will make your concealed carry crossbody bag last a really long time.

The lining for this concealed carry purse is rich and tough pigskin. When you put these two leathers back to back, you get an extremely long lasting bag. 

Our expensive zippers are that for a reason. They are smooth and durable. We get them from Spain.

This bag was designed for the lady that likes to carry - in particular a firearm, but it works equally as well for  just about anything else. It has 2 easy access outer side pockets that measure 8" long. The body of the bag is padded for extra comfort and the interior includes a key clip.

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
Exterior: 12" (Top) & 10" (Bottom) x 10.50" x 3"
Zippered Pockets (one on front and one on rear): 8" (L) 
Interior Pocket: 5" x 5.50" 
Adjustable Strap (total length): 47"
Shoulder Pad: 6" x 2"  
Weight: 1.87 lbs

Changing Lives Together with Leather 
Did you know that with every purchase, you are making a difference around the world by loving others in need through education, food, shelter & job training? Love 41 gives 100% of its profit away!

The story behind this leather bag
Some of you ladies out there may be packing heat and some of you may just be packing a stack of credit cards, but whatever you're carrying the Love 41 Crossbody Concealed Purse is the perfect bag for you! I have had numerous women ask me to design a purse for their handgun, but I didn't want to limit the functionality of this bag to just that so I designed it to be perfect for nearly ANYTHING! This bag will enable you to perfectly conceal your weapon (or almost anything else you want).  I love the slanted pockets on the outside because they are super convenient and work for either a lefty or a righty. This bag is also super comfy because it has extra padding on the shoulder pad as well as the body of the bag. So, no matter what you're packing, pack it in this amazing purse!


(29 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Love Concealed Purse

    I am so excited and happy! Took me several months to purchase and I don’t regret it. Now I can carry in peace and it looks great.

  • 5

    I just rushed home as I learned my bag had delivered - Texas to Canada in four days! Wow! I bought the tobacco and the colour is stunning. I’m a plus-sized lady and I’m impressed at the generous length of the strap. I’m also one of those ladies who tries to put everything in my purse so the size is good for me because it limits that bad habit. It still fits what I need: my phone, large wallet, large keys, moisturizer tube, sanitizer spray, emergency feminine toiletries and some room to spare for one-offs. What a great Mother’s Day Gift!

  • 5
    Lovely bag.

    A lovely bag. Great craftsmanship-I love how durable it feels. It’s a bit smaller than what I prefer, but all the pockets make it super functional.

  • 4
    Great with 1 complaint

    My wife loves the feel and color but hates that it is a bottomless pit like a tote bag. There’s only a cellphone pocket and she had to go buy an insert for it to make it more useable. They got this complaint before on the totes and made an insert. So maybe that will happen with this purse. Fingers crossed.

  • 5
    Pefect bag!

    I regretted not buying this bag when I had the chance.
    As soon as they had the color back in stock, I was not about to wait. The bag is gorgeous and it holds everything and withstands my daily schedule.
    I love the front and rear pockets. I use one for my mobile and the other for my concealed self-defense weapon.
    The keyholder is great! No more fumbling for my keys. This has become my everyday purse.
    I highly recommend this bag. It is strong, well-designed and built to last.