Dave Munson on Self Made Man with Mike Dillard


Dave Munson was recently featured on Business Guru, Mike Dillard's blog, Self Mad Man.  If you want to hear the story of Saddleback in Dave's own words or are a business owner building your brand and selling a physical product, you'll appreciate this interview with Dave and Mike




Some of Dave's advice:

  • -Build relationships with other businesses and brands that value what you do
  • -Share your values and your story, people will relate to that
  • -Don't invest 100% on google adwords
  • -When hiring, use the Core Values Index to identify the type of person you want in the role and then only hire people that match
  • -If you are starting out and trying to differentiate yourself, aim for making a quality product that you would use
  • -Put yourself out there as the face of the brand.  Educate your customers yourself.
  • -Film and telling stories is a great marketing tool.  You get good at doing something by starting
  • -Story telling is critical in every step of the process.  Mike has a great tip on gift giving
  • -Dave recommends checking out the Sunglass Case, it's multi-functional

Plus more!  Grab a cold drink and sit back and take a listen.