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Welcome to Dave's Deals. To find out about how Dave's Deals work watch this video:


*All Dave's Deals and Suzette's Steals are final sale.

If we dinged or scratched the briefcase or backpack before the customer did it, then we put those things on Dave's Deals. Honestly, we could send out these leather designs without 99% of people ever noticing but because our standards are high, we sell them here. 

And honestly, we don't mind because not everybody who values quality can afford one of our bags, so this is a chance for them to buy one without foregoing food for the next 40 days or donating plasma for a few months. Though those are not bad options. 

On Dave's Deals, the main issues we find:
A crooked stitch somewhere where the stitcher was laughing at a joke while they were stitching and the double stitch was misaligned for a 1/2 inch. 

A light scratch that you would do, but we did it first. 

A little indentation in the leather that happened when a person stacked one leather bag on top of another during shipping and a buckles slightly dented as small as an 1/8" spot.

A leather hide has multiple tones across it and if there are two pieces of leather that are too different that were sewn together, we sometimes put those on here too.

Back in the old days of Israel, there was a rule in place for harvesting fields. The harvesters were required to only go through the field one time and not go back to pick the fields clean and get as much as they could. This was so the less fortunate were able to follow behind and glean and benefit from the field as well. They didn't get it for free. They had to work for it and that's what we do here. 

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